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How To Add Friends on Foursquare

Adding Friends on Foursquare Will Increase the Fun of the Game


Foursquare Iphone Screenshot - Friends

Foursquare Iphone Screenshot - Friends

Having a good list of friends on your Foursquare account will add to the fun and challenges of having the game.

There are a few choices you have for adding friends to your Foursquare account. When you want to add friends by using your phone, you can do so by having Foursquare scan your address book to see which of your friends are Foursquare members. You can also add friends from your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  • To add friends using an IPhone, select the "Me" tab, click on "Friends" then click "Add Friends." You can then select to find friends on your Twitter and Facebook accounts or locate friends by name or phone number.

  • To add friends using a Blackberry, select the "Me" tab, then "Manage Friends" then select which of the options you want for adding friends.

  • To add friends using an Android, select the menu button and then "Preferences." Then tap "Add Friends" and select friends from your address book, Twitter and Facebook, or by name or phone number.

  • To add friends on Foursquare through a computer, go to foursquare.com/import. You can then search for Gmail contacts, Facebook and Twitter friends.
Removing Friends From Foursquare

There may be times when you want to remove a friend from your Foursquare account. Maybe you broke up with someone you were dating and you really do not want them to know where you are each time you check-in on Foursquare. Or maybe you realized making your boss a friend wasn't the best of ideas. Luckily, removing friends from Foursquare is even easier than adding them.

It is recommended that you use the Foursquare website to manage friends, including when you want to remove them. Once they are removed they will not be able to see your check-ins and you will not be able to see where they are checking-in from.

To remove friends, go to Foursquare - Manage Friends, click on "Friends" then click "Delete" next to their name. You will then be asked if you are sure you want to delete the person you selected. Click "OK" and they will no longer be a Foursquare friend.

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