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Top 5 Grocery Store Shopping Essentials


Grocery store shopping essentials are what could be considered the tools of the trade. You may not need them everyday, but when you do need them you do not want to go hunting for them. This list is made up of tools which are in highest demand among savvy grocery store shoppers.

1. Grocery Store Web Sites

Many grocery stores have responded to the mass popularity of the Internet by revamping its Web sites to meet today's standards. For the couponer and budget-minded shoppers, grocery store Web sites have become an important resource for gathering grocery savings information. Many offer weekly specials, recipes for thrifty food planning, loyalty program specials, printable coupons and contact information.

2. Grocery Store Weekly Ads

Using grocery coupons will save you a bundle of money, but if you want to save even more, you can combine manufacturer's coupons with the grocery store's weekly specials in your area. Check for grocery deals, weekly values, and grocery weekly flyers for all the grocery stores and supermarkets in your city, before you go shopping.

3. Food Spoilage - How Long Food Will Last

Many smart shoppers enjoy stocking up on food items in order to save money on their grocery bills. Coupons and rebate offers make this type of shopping very enticing. But before you fill your cupboards with bulk items, you may want to ask yourself if you have adequate storage space and how much your family enjoys the food you plan to buy in bulk. Having food spoil before you get to use it is never a good deal.

4. How To Use Product Rebate, Refund and Premium Offers

Companies use rebates and refund offers to entice consumers into purchasing an item, however there are very strict policies put in place which can disqualify the request for such offers. Knowing how to fill out the forms properly and what documentation is needed will help insure your rebate will not fall among the millions of unpaid rebates.

5. Top Ten Most Popular Grocery Store Coupons Tips

Couponers love to share coupon tips, which made putting this collection of the most popular grocery store tips an easy project. For newcomers to couponing or those who have been clipping coupons for years, these tips are useful reminders for all of us wanting to save money on groceries.

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