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Top 10 Most Popular Grocery Store Coupons Tips


Using food coupons to save money at the grocery store does not have to be complicated. The following tips and articles are among the most popular for learning quick ways to find the best coupons and how and when to use your coupons to save you the most money.

1. How to Use the Different Types of Grocery Coupons

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Today there are so many different types of coupons and stores have different policies for how the various coupons can be redeemed. By understanding the polices that are generally used by most stores, you'll be able to save more money when using coupons.

2. Learn How to Do Coupon Match-Ups

Walgreens Register Rewards Example

Matching up coupons is the way couponers maximize their savings, especially with the decline of grocery stores doubling coupons. Not only will coupon matching decrease your food bill, it will also help you save hundreds of dollars on drugstore purchases.


3. Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

Double Coupons

Anytime we can double the face-value of a coupon, it's a good thing. Thanks to visitors to Coupons and Bargains at About.com, we've been able to put together a gigantic list of stores around the country, set up by state, which will do exactly that - double coupons.

4. Free Grocery Coupon Sites

Free Coupons

As the Internet grows, so do worthless sites promising to save you money, just to capture your e-mail address. It's frustrating, so to help, here is a list of good Web sites offering printable grocery store coupons. You may have to give your e-mail address to use their services, but you will get a printable coupon without a bunch of spam and that's a good deal.

5. Spotting Fake Deals in Grocery Stores

Advertising and Fake Deals

Part of training in grocery store management includes learning how to set up store promotions that don't actually cut the cost of the products. Many times the displays are super cute, or display seasonal items that appeal to our moods. Learning the different strategies used at grocery stores to display "fake" sales will always save shoppers money.

6. Stackable Discounts

The practice of stacking discounts has become a popular savings strategy for budget-conscious buyers. One of the reasons its popularity has grown is because retailers have discovered that it is an excellent way to draw customers into their stores. Why not take advantage of it?

7. Local Grocery Deals and Weekly Values

Weekly Ads

Combining coupons with weekly grocery deals is a great way to save. People who practice this type of saving technique cut hundreds off their food bills. But the circulars usually show up in Thursday's newspaper. If you do not get your local paper, you can still take advantage of the circulars by looking at them on the Internet any day of the week.

8. Cut Three Hundred Dollars or More Off Your Grocery Bill

Imagine cutting $300 a month off your grocery bill, then imagine what you could spend that money on! A pedicure, that cute trendy dress at Bloomingdales, a set of tires or all of the above. I mean, I adore food, but it's not the only thing I want to spend my money on.

9. Grocery Store Flyers - Deal or No Deal?

When we want to save at the grocery store, one of first things many of us do is turn to the grocery store circular. But just like inside the stores, advertised deals in the circulars aren't always money savers. This article will help explain how to tell the good deals.


10. ECoupons, Electronic Coupons, Paperless Coupons

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons for iPhones

Things change. Yesteryear we relied on cutting paper coupons to save at the grocery store. Today we have many more options. If you haven't moved on to using eCoupons, and you want to maximize your savings at stores, it is time to start researching the possibility of adding paperless coupons to your money-saving strategies.

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