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Starting a Small Coupon Exchange Club


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Starting a Small Coupon Exchange Club
Coupon Exchange Club
Not all of us have the time necessary to maximize the savings potential in coupon clipping. Joining large coupon exchange clubs where one has to learn all the coupon lingo, make or read long lists of coupon requests and address, stamp and mail out coupons is just all too demanding. However, most anyone can learn from such dedicated couponers and use the same basic principles, but on a much smaller scale.

Most any place where groups of people meet regularly can be developed into a coupon exchange club where members receive the same benefits as the big global clubs.

Examples of places to start small coupon clubs -

  • Workplace

  • Church groups

  • Day Care Centers

  • Health Clubs

  • Neighborhood Organizations

  • Theater Groups

  • Senior Citizen Groups

See the steps outlined below.

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