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Grocery Saving Tips - Save Money on Canned Foods


Cut the Cost of Canned Foods With or Without Coupons


Individually canned foods are usually not the most expensive items that we purchase at the grocery store, but because many times we buy so many, collectively it can be one of the categories that we spend a large portion of our grocery dollars on.

Paying close attention to how much you are spending on canned goods is important when trying to save on groceries. At first glance, grabbing 10 canned foods for $10 may seem like a great deal, but if you take a closer looks, you might discover that if you shopped more carefully you could get the same 10 items for just $5 and sometimes even less.

These Tips Will Help You Save on Canned Goods

  1. The best tip for saving on canned foods is to buy only the store brands unless you can find the name-brand products deeply discounted. If there is no store brand available, compare the unit prices of the name brand products to get the best deal. Also, check the prices on the frozen products if available. You could find the frozen product is less than the canned item.

  2. When you find canned foods that you want that are on sale, make an investment and buy in bulk. Most canned foods have a shelf life in terms of quality of at least two years, so don't be afraid to stock up. Canned foods will last longer than two years and they are safe to eat, but they may not taste as good.

  3. Avoid buying the pricey canned food such as soups, sauces and chilli. Instead, make a big batch of your own and freeze in smaller meal-size batches.

  4. If you are doubling a recipe that calls for more than one can of an item, try to find the big family-size cans. You should see a significant savings when you compare the unit price. What is leftover can be frozen.

  5. Buy canned goods when you have coupons that be stacked. An example of stacking a coupon is when you can use a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon for extra savings.

  6. Buy out of season. Just like all seasonal foods, canned foods also have selling peaks. Have you ever noticed how expensive canned cranberry sauce is during the holidays? Look for deals on premium holiday canned products and stock up when you see price drops.

  7. Shop at stores that sell inexpensive canned goods, even if it is not a store that you would not normally buy fresh products from, such as Dollar General. Many times these stores will stock canned goods that are equally as good as stores like Whole Foods Market, but for 60 percent less.

  8. Sign up at all your local grocery stores, even if you do not regularly shop at them, and compare the weekly grocery circulars. Often you will find buy-one-get-one free deals or loss leaders on canned goods from the stores that do not have the best reputation for having low prices. If the store is in your neighborhood, stop in, get the deal and then leave.

  9. Keep a price book handy so that you know what a good price is on canned goods that you normally buy. Because there are so many canned goods, it is easy to forget the individual prices. A glance in your price book will help you determine if it is a good enough deal to buy in bulk. This is particularly important when shopping for canned goods at the warehouse stores when items are packaged and priced in bulk.

Canned Goods You Should Avoid Buying

Some of the more expensive canned goods are items that we can easily make ourselves and actually taste better.
  1. Avoid buying expensive sauces and canned chicken, fish or beef stock. It is simple to make your own and all of it can be frozen.

  2. Check the ingredients on canned goods. Many contain an extra ordinary amount of sugar or salt. There are plenty of good healthy canned foods to select from, even if it costs a few cents more.

  3. Check the "use by" dates. Some of the less popular canned goods that past this date or that are close to it are often still on the store shelves. You will rarely see expiration dates on canned goods with the exception of dairy products.

  4. Do not buy dented cans. Food inside dented cans is not always harmful, except those deeply dented on the sides or even slightly dented on the top or bottom, but the savings from buying a dented can is not worth it. Even a tiny hole in the can will compromise the safety of the food.

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