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Spend Less on Juice


Spend Less on Juice With or Without Coupons
Looking for ways to save on juice? Whether you are buying juice for adults or for children, you have probably noticed that the selection has become huge and the prices have become ridiculously high. Basic savings strategies can be used on juice for adults and kids. These include:
  • Stocking up when you find a good sale.

  • Using money-saving coupons.

  • Buy at the big-box stores like Walmart and remember they will match prices with competitors.

  • If you must buy the boxed juices for kids, buy them in large quantities to get the best prices.

  • Look for new products being introduced. New products mean promotions and money saving coupons.

Compare Prices

Comparing the prices on juice can take a mathematician because of all the different brands and the added nutrients. To simplify the process, just start by comparing frozen juice with bottled juices. If your family loves orange juice, compare the cost per ounce of using the juice mixes, which you will add water to, with the juice already mixed in the cartons or bottles.

What About Added Nutrients?

Do not get over-sold by all the added nutrients listed on the juice cartons. Although the added nutrients do not necessarily add to the price, you may be swayed to buy name brand juices rather than the less expensive store brand if you think you are getting a healthier juice. According to consumer reports, "orange juice fortified with calcium or vitamin D, or omega-3 fatty acids, can make sense, but other extra vitamins offer few benefits beyond those of standard OJ." In addition, the most cost effective way to not only get the nutrients from juice, and cut down on the sugar intake, is to eat fresh fruit.

Start Juicing Your Own

Making your own home juice will save you money, and you will enjoy having fresh juice without all the added sugars that is in store bought juice. The price on home juicers has dropped over the years and you can get one for about $30. The money you save will pay for the juicer relatively quickly, depending on how often you use it.

More Water, Less Juice

Start incorporating more water and less juice into your family's diet. For children who love the boxes of juice, start diluting it gradually with water to improve your cost. Not only can this help with the intake of less calories from sugar, but it may also help save their teeth! Also, consider purchasing plastic juice glasses that are fun and add water with a spoonful of juice to it.

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