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New Web Site Allows U.S. Consumers To Find Local Grocery Deals

New Web Site Allows U.S. Consumers To Find Local Grocery Deals - Fast and Easy


mygrocerydeals.com announced that its new site and search engine (patent pending) has recently expanded its market coverage and is now live in over 400 U.S. cities.

The free site which is localized and personalized, allows members to quickly create a profile and then search their local stores automatically for the sale items they are most interested in. The member can create a price-optimized shopping list of desired items, save it, print it, even e-mail it, and be ready to save big on their weekly in-store grocery shopping in a matter of minutes.

The site is devoted exclusively to the grocery sector and boasts a database of over 300,000+ food products and growing. The member can look up product information, sort by their favorite stores, product category or even brands. Using the unique member profile, the search engine is also smart enough to flag any potential allergy or nutritional concerns based on the chosen product's ingredients. Although still in Beta form, the "Nutri-Know" tool is a very powerful way for the member to not only save with localized flyer deals, but also plan healthy meals!

"Our intention has been to create a site that is a one-stop source for grocery information for the consumer," says John Scott, Executive Vice-President of mygrocerydeals.com. "Our goal was to create an engine that eliminates the need for consumers to wade through the grocery flyers and circulars that are delivered to their doors via the weekly newspapers. We want to save people both time and money."

mygrocerydeals.com is an independent and comprehensive comparison shopping engine, reflecting the Internet's growing use as a "pre-shopping" tool. More and more today, consumers are preparing to shop by gathering information at home or at work via the Internet. While sites such as BizRate, NexTag and Froogle have allowed consumers to comparison shop for individual items, especially in electronics and hard goods, no site devoted to grocery has allowed shoppers to independently comparison shop for sale items, total up their savings and then proceed to their favorite stores with list in hand.

National brand advertisers have already shown great interest in the new advertising opportunity mygrocerydeals.com represents. The site offers advertisers the opportunity of influencing pre-shopping behavior through contextual advertising. So, as a member searches for sale items in the "cereal" category, as an example, an ad for a new cereal for children might be displayed. The site also offers members "Recipe Corner", featuring targeted recipes each week from site sponsors which are designed to save time and money. Soon, a new "Product Showcase" will highlight what's new from the various grocery manufacturers.

Paul Davis, President and CEO recently observed, "We have also generated a lot of interest from complementary partner organizations and web sites, where they feature links and news about mygrocerydeals.com to their target audience and membership as a value-added service".

Business Week On-Line Magazine recently cited mygrocerydeals.com as one of their "Top 10 Desktop Diversion" websites for 2006.

For more information, please contact:
Paul Davis, President and CEO
Tel: (613) 224-2525 ext. 111
E-mail: pdavis@mygrocerydeals.com

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