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Grocery Stores That Double Coupons in New York

Double Coupon Days Offer a Great Way to Stretch Your Grocery Budget


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Know of a grocery store that will double coupons in New York? See one on the list that doesn't double in your area? This is an ongoing list which will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Post what you know about double coupon stores in New York in the Readers Comments area.

  • A&P
  • Grand Union
  • Jubilee
  • P&C
  • Pathmark
  • Pricechopper
  • Shoprite
  • Stop & Shop
  • Tops
  • Waldbaums (select stores)
  • Wegman's

Thank you Genny!

New York City

  • **(see note below)Foodtown on Ralph Ave and Ave J
Thank you Joan!

More in New York:

  • Key Food, Old Mill Basin/Brooklyn, Up to & incl $1
  • Shop & Shop, Sheepshead Bay/Brooklyn, Up to $0.99
  • Waldbaum's, Howard Beach/Queens, Up to $0.99
  • King Kullen, Nassau, Up to and incl $1
  • Pathmark, Nassau, Up to $0.99
  • Waldbaums stores in Brooklyn, NY (on Ralph Ave nr Ave L, and on Flatbush Ave nr Ave T) do not double coupons at this time.

    Thank you Genna and Audrey!

    Staten Island

    • Pathmark
    • Shoprite

    Thank you Diane!

    General Comments:

    Joan from Brooklyn writes, "Double coupons--in Brooklyn NY ... Foodtown on Ralph Ave and Ave J always offers double coupons. I must beg to differ though with Waldbaums. I live near two Waldbaums stores in Brooklyn NY (on Ralph Ave near Ave L, and on Flatbush Ave near Ave T). Neither one of those Waldbaums ever offer double coupons!" Thank you Joan!

    Emily writes, "The Stop&Shop on Richmond Avenue near the Staten Island Mall doubles coupons." Thank you Emily!

    David writes, "Just wanted to let you know that I called the Foodtown on Ralph Ave that is listed for Brooklyn and was informed that since they have been under new management they no longer do double coupons."

    Thank you David!

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