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Refunding - Get Started Today

Refunding Tools and Organizational Tips and Strategies


Refunding saves shoppers money on everything from food, pet supplies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, auto supplies and more.

There are different levels of refunding in which people can get involved in. Some enjoy a casual, less-demanding method of occasionally sending in a refund or rebate form for a free product or coupon. Others make it more of a full-time hobby and collect, organize and trade refund forms and proof-of-purchase qualifiers with groups of people.

No matter what level of refunding you decide to pursue, the following articles on organizing tools, resources and refunding strategies will be helpful to get you started and add to your success.

Learning How To Save Using Refunds and Premium Offers

Learning how to use manufacturer refunds, premium offers and rebates can double and often triple your savings. It's the next step beyond clipping coupons and the payback is well worth the effort.

How Refunding Lists and Clubs Work

Understanding how the refunding trading lists work can seem overwhelming at first to the refunding beginner. But by taking the process step-by-step, many find that the hardest part of refunding is breaking away from it to do other things. It can be fun, lucrative and addicting!

Record Keeping Tips for Refunding Forms and Rebates

Developing good record keeping skills helps the refunder keep track of refunding forms and rebate notations and is incremental to refunding success.

Organizing Refunding Forms and Proof of Purchase Requirements

Developing good record keeping skills helps refunders keep track of refunding forms and communications. It is an important step in maximizing refunding success.

Category Labeling List for Organizing Coupons and Refunds

Using this sample Category Labeling List can make organizing refunding forms, Qualifiers and coupons an easier task which will be beneficial to the beginner and more advanced hobbyist.

Clearing Houses and Clearing Houses Phone Numbers

Many refunders know following up with a clearing house may be necessary in order to get a refund/premium previously sent in. To help with the task, this list contains the name and 1-800 number of the top clearing houses.

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