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Finding Coupons in Magazines

Almost All Popular Magazines Have Coupons


Magazines are an excellent place to find coupons. For grocery and household coupons, magazines targeted to women are the best source. Family Circle, Woman's Day, Woman's World and Good Housekeeping are examples of the type of magazines which carry grocery coupons on a regular basis.

Many times the coupons found in magazines have a longer time period before expiring than those found in newspaper inserts. Also, the magazine coupons tend to be more seasonal. For example, coupons for food products used in popular holiday recipes can often be found as well as exclusive offers.

Magazines generally target a specific group of people as do the coupons and special offers found within a particular magazine. For example, magazines about beauty and health may have coupons for cosmetics and health-related products. Craft magazines will most likely carry coupons for craft materials. Popular teen magazines will have coupons for popular teen stores and teen related products. Diversifying the types of magazines we subscribe to is one way to maximize our potential savings depending on our needs.

Frugal Ways to Get Magazine Coupons

Subscribing to a magazine is one solution, but there are other less costly ways to collect magazine coupons.
    1. Trade magazines with friends and family.
    2. Suggest a magazine area in the break room at work for everyone to leave their old magazines.
    3. Browse magazines in doctor's waiting rooms. If you see a coupon you want, ask first then clip.
Tip: Always carry a small pair of scissors with you so if the opportunity arises to clip a magazine coupon you are interested in, you are ready.

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