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Do You Really Save With a Grocery Card?

Some Consumer Groups Dispute the Value of Loyalty Cards


Many grocery stores offer discount cards, also known as loyalty cards, which are supposed to save shoppers money when they use the card. But do grocery cards really save you money, and if they do is it worth the loss of privacy?

If your favorite store offers a discount card, it is difficult not to apply for one when the checkout clerk tells you how much you would save with the card. Unfortunately, saving a few dollars on that particular purchase is not the whole story.

Shoppers In Loyalty Programs Spend More Money

A scientific study of the use of retail loyalty cards found that those enrolled in the discount programs actually spend more money overall than customers at the same stores who do not use the cards. That goes for home improvement, electronics, and book stores too, not just grocery stores.

The Truth Behind Grocery Store Discount Cards

Several studies have found that there is not that much difference in prices overall in grocery stores that offer discount card programs and those that do not. There is, however, a very big difference in the amount of privacy members of these programs give up in order to join.

Poll - Do You Save Money With Your Loyalty Card?

How about you? Do you think you save money with your store loyalty card or do you think the program is just a scam? Take our poll and let us know your opinion.

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