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Kellogg Pioneers Free Health 'Check Up' Program

Healthy Beginnings Health Check Program Provides Free Health Screenings


Americans across the country have a new way to check up on their health. That's because Kellogg Company and major food retailers Kroger, ShopRite, Publix and Wal-Mart are introducing the Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings Health Check program.

Consumers shopping at participating stores(1) will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a free health screening - a $25.00 value that includes a cholesterol test, blood pressure check, dietary fiber intake assessment and BMI screening.

  • Complete a free Personal Health Assessment.

  • Receive a free high-value health kit containing health information and healthy food coupons.

"In light of the government's recently issued 2005 Dietary Guidelines, this is the perfect time to help Americans check up on their health," said Christine Lowry, vice president, nutrition. "We created this unique nutrition education program so that consumers not only can learn more about Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings cereals, but also about the health issues to which these products can make positive contributions, including heart health, digestive health and weight management."

Kellogg created Healthy Beginnings to address the fact that almost six million Americans are hospitalized with heart disease each year, about nine out of 10 American adults come up short on their fiber intake, and more than half of the U.S. population is categorized as overweight or obese,(3) according to Lowry.

As part of Healthy Beginnings, the Health Check program will help Americans increase their knowledge about these common health conditions, while educating them about the role Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings cereals can play in helping to support heart health, digestive health and weight management.

During the free Healthy Beginnings Health Check events, consumers will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about a range of important health topics and receive coupons for Kellogg's Healthy Beginnings cereals and other products that provide unique health benefits, including the new Kellogg's Smart Start Healthy Heart (which has ingredients that can help lower both cholesterol and blood pressure(4)), Frosted Mini-Wheats (with nearly 25 percent of the daily value for fiber in one bowl), All-Bran (for a healthy digestive system) and Special K Red Berries (which is a simple solution proven to help manage weight(5)).

The Healthy Beginnings Health Check events are underway at ShopRite pharmacies in the northeast, with Publix and Kroger set to launch the program shortly thereafter, and Wal-Mart introducing the Healthy Beginnings Health Check program in late summer.

    (1) In addition to Kroger stores, Kroger units Fry's, Dillons and King Soopers also will be participating.

    (2) Some retailers will conduct Healthy Beginnings Health Check events later in the year. Check each retailer's web site for additional information.

    (3) CDC 2001, NHANES 1999-2002, NPD Group 2003

    (4) When eaten as part of a low fat, low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet.

    (5) Not a low calorie food.

Source: Kellogg Company

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