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Finding Coupons Inside Grocery Stores

Knowing Where to Look for In-Store Coupons Will Save Money and Time


An excellent place to find coupons is in the grocery store. But it can be a challenging task for thrifty shoppers to keep up with shopping lists, clipped coupons plus spot all the coupons displayed throughout the store. Luckily most manufactures realize this and have product promotions that are brightly colored which catch your eye, dispensers with blinking lights, and "pop up" ads that are quickly spotted.

As you become more familiar with what the coupon dispenser look like and where they are generally placed, it will become easier to find them and take advantage of the offers.

What to Look For

  • Peelies
    Peelies are coupons which are attached directly to the product. Remove the coupon stickers from the item and hand it to the cashier when you check out. Generally cashiers will not redeem the coupon if it is left on the package.

  • Tear Pads
    Tear Pads are pads with coupons or rebate forms attached and are usually located on the shelf or displayed near the advertised product.

  • Blinkies
    Blinkies (SmartSource Coupon Machines) are small red dispensers that blink in order to attract shoppers. They contain coupons and are usually located on store shelves in front of the promoted product. The coupons can be used in any store which accepts coupons.

  • SmartSource TakeOne Box
    Often called Bonus Boxes, these are small boxes usually located at eye level on store shelves near the product which is being promoted. It is designed to dispense coupons, recipes, rebates and other promotional material.

  • Freezer Extra
    These are dispensers attached to the refrigerator doors or freezers throughout the store. They are designed to distribute coupons for products in the section where the dispenser is attached.

  • SmartSource Showcase Extra
    These dispensers include colorful cards which pop out to attract the shopper's eye. They also are used to dispense coupons or rebates and are located on the shelf near the promoted products.

  • Wine tags and Collars
    These are coupon cards or rebate cards which are placed over the neck of wine bottles or other products packaged in bottles and jars. Many times the coupons are for related food products and do not specify that a purchase of the bottled item is required.
    Example - A bottle of Kaluha might have a collar coupon for a specific brand of ice cream.

  • Catalina Coupons
    Catalina Marketing distributes coupons at checkout for manufacturer's products that can be purchased within the grocery store. These coupons are printed separately from the grocery store receipt although they are printed on receipt-like paper and handed to the customer.

  • Receipt Coupons for Local Stores or Services
    Companies such as Register Tapes Unlimited distributes pre-printed register receipts paper with coupons on the back to use at local stores such as dry cleaners or health clubs. The stores or services are usually within a five mile radius from the grocery store.

  • Weekly Grocery Store Ads
    Most grocery stores keep copies of the stores specials near the entrance of the store. Sometimes the ads may contain coupons along with all the current specials.

Many times you can also find coupons on top of the different product coupon dispensers. People often decide not to use a coupon that may soon be expiring so they leave it in case someone else wants to use it. Also, keep an eye out for "Try for Free" advertising. Often the ad cards will include rebates for free products.

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