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Wonderful Low-Cost Summer Activities for Kids

For Beautiful Sunny Days or Rainy Dull Days




One of my fondest memories as a child was what my mother called the “What To Do” boxes. There were two boxes, one for outside and one for inside, that contained index cards with various activities written on them. Each morning my sisters and I would take turns pulling from the box, and whatever was on the index card would be our activity for the day.

It was not only a fun way to wake up but it also kept us very busy and rarely bored, rain or shine, over the hot summer months.

The amazing thing was that my mother always seemed to have on hand whatever supplies were needed to actually do the activity.

When I became a Mom and I realized what an accomplishment it was to keep three kids entertained over the summer, I asked my mother how she ever managed it and she said it was very simple.

During the school year she would begin planning the summer boxes and would keep an ongoing list of things she needed handy in her purse. Being the bargain hunter that she was, she would search garage sales or big clearance sales for items that she could use for her ideas. She would then bag items together that related to a specific activity, label the bag, and store it in her closet.

It worked! We always had exactly what we needed regardless of the activity. To us, it was like magic.

Ideas for the Outside Box:

Ideas for the Inside Box:

Have a happy summer!

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