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Travel and Couponing

Do Not Forget to Pack Your Coupons


When it comes to traveling, one of the last items most people are going to consider packing are coupons. However, using coupons at your destination can be just as rewarding as using coupons at home. By doing a little extra research and planning you can still keep your savings routine intact.

  • What Coupons Should I Bring?

  • Deciding on the coupons to bring with you depends a lot on where you are going, the purpose for your trip, and how you plan on traveling. Flying limits how much space you are going to have to devote to packing your coupons. If you plan to drive you are in luck. You can reserve a space in your car to tuck your primary coupon box.
  • Prepare in Advance

  • If you will be staying at a hotel that offers small kitchenettes in the room, preparing a small menu and locating the appropriate coupons that match your menu will be the first coupons that you will want to pack to bring with you.
  • Travel Sized Products

  • Taking advantage of personal product coupons such as shampoo that do not specify a size. This can be cost effective and space efficient. Not only will you benefit from the large percentage of savings compared to the purchase price but you will also benefit by not having to pack bulky shampoo and conditioner bottles, mouthwash, toothpaste, and other similar products.
  • Stock Up On Snack Food Coupons

  • Many times when we are away from home and staying at a hotel or campgrounds we do not eat the usual foods we eat at home. This can be a great time to bundle up a lot of the snack, peanut butter, jelly and cereal coupons that you may have in your coupon file. Avoiding convenience store snack stops will stretch your trips budget.
  • Do A Little Homework

  • Check online and see if stores that double coupons are located in the area where you will be visiting. This may help you to choose beforehand which store you want to go to. You can then get driving directions in advance by going to mapquest and typing in the address of the hotel and the address of the grocery store.
  • Avoid High-Price Convenience Stores

  • In many resort areas grocery stores are scarce and convenience stores or small grocery stores are abundant. Many times this type of store does not take coupons. Check for other alternatives such as Wal-Mart or Target stores near the area. Regardless of coupons, shopping for snacks at Wal-Mart would be more economical then shopping at resort convenience stores.
  • Search for Restaurant Coupons

  • Do a search online for restaurants that are at your place of destination. This could be helpful for two reasons. One, the restaurant may have an online coupon that you can print and bring with you. Also many times restaurants near resorts and camping grounds offer coupons in brochures located at the nearest rest stop, near the hotel desk, or in travel magazines in your hotel room.
  • One Last Reminder

  • Stash all of your cash register receipts and proofs-of-purchase in a manila envelope so that when you get home you can take advantage of rebates or refunding offers.

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