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Cut the Cost of Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Save on Drugstore and Top-Brand Cosmetics and Beauty Products


The following steps can help you cut the cost of your cosmetics and beauty products by at least half if not more.

Get Free or Almost Free Drugstore Cosmetics

CVS and Walgreens drugstores have gained in popularity among savvy coupon clippers because of the way the reward programs offered to the shoppers. If you have never looked into the deep discounts and free products which you can get at both stores, check out articles:

Once you get going with saving, you will find a large assortment of cosmetics and other beauty products which you can get at over 50 percent off if not free by participating in the programs. Other ways to find cheap cosmetics is to shop the products being discontinued and items which are marked down because of age.

Top-Brand Savings

Throughout the year, most cosmetic companies will offer promotional deals where they give away bonus packages that include a cosmetic pouch filled with decent sized samples of lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, and other products they wish to promote. Wait for the bonus days to refill your foundation and bring home a bag of free items.

By signing up to receive promotional emails, you can find out about good sales on cosmetics and beauty products.

Check out the Bonus Items before You Buy

Sometimes the bonus items being given away is not something you would really use. If you buy the qualifying items just to get the free products and then find it isn't something you like or will use, you have lost out on saving money.

Get on the Mailing Lists

To get advanced notice of when promotional products will be available sign-up on your favorite brands' websites to receive promotional emails. Also, make sure you are registered locally at the different department stores which sell your brand.

Cosmetic promotions cycle from one store to another. By signing up with all the department stores you can get more coupons and special offers through the regular mail.

Asking for Free Products

Behind cosmetic counters there are a ton of free products, but sometimes you have to ask. When going in for makeup consultations you can always ask for a sample before you invest in a product you haven't used, but may like.

Return Products You Do Not Like

For some reason when it comes to cosmetics many of us believe that if we've opened the product and tried it a few times, we are stuck with it. However, most cosmetics and other beauty products can be returned and exchanged.

Imperfect Packaging

Products in stores are subject to a lot of handling. Many times you will see damaged boxes on box sets, perfume sets missing an item, lids missing off bottles and small surface cracks on bottles.

If you see damaged packaging on a product you use or want to try, ask for a discount. Most of the time the salesperson or a member of management will happily lower the price just to get it off the shelves.

Read Product Reviews

There are new beauty products and cosmetics being introduced all of the time. This is true for the more expensive brands and the cheaper drugstore products. Many of the less expensive products carry identical ingredients when compared to the top.

There are numerous beauty-related websites online which review beauty products, however sometimes the same sites also earn money if they sell certain products. A good way to find real reviews on products is to look for sites where website visitors can rate the products as can you.

Package Coupons

Save all coupons you find inside the packaging on products purchased. Often times you will find them on the inside of the top flap on boxes, on product instructions and small tightly folded coupons are often slid into the packages. Many times the coupons included with products have longer expiration dates.

Online Printable Coupons

Many of the cosmetic and beauty companies promote printable coupons which you can find by browsing the websites.

You can also visit Printable Coupons for Beauty and Personal Care Products which is updated with a list of websites offering printable coupons for you to use at your local stores.

Flea Markets and Garage Sales

Many times you can find cosmetics which have not been opened at local flea markets, garage and yard sales and estate sales. I once found an unopened gift set of Joy perfume for $5.00. Had I purchased it in the stores it would have cost more than $100.

Check the condition of the products before you buy. Cosmetics and other beauty products can become dried out and worthless even when never opened. I know some people buy products which have been opened, but as much as I love to save money, cosmetics are like bacteria magnets. I would never purchase "gently used" cosmetics.

Know a Tip for Saving on Cosmetics?

If you know a good way to save on cosmetics and beauty products, please let us know! Join the discussion on the free Coupons and Bargains Forum.

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