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Luxury Bedding for Less


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Pillow Covers and Pillow Cases
Pillow Case Set

Pillow Case Set

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There is nothing more soothing than resting on soft pillows and selecting the right pillow covers and pillow cases not only achieve super comfort, but it will add to the look of a five-star bed.

Starting with a pillow cover will not only protect your pillows, but will add an additional soft layer of cotton.

We could not find where the Westin sells the pillow covers so we cannot compare the cost.

We found 100 percent cotton, 200 thread count percale pillow covers with a zippered closure for $5.99 each. We will need two for the king size pillows and two standard size covers ($4.99 each) to go under the pillow shams.

Pillow Cases

The Westin Heavenly Bed pillow cases are available in solids and piped 100 percent Egyptian cotton with 230- and 300-thread count cotton. The average price for a pair of king size pillow cases is $75.

We found a pair of 100 percent solid sateen Egyptian Cotton king size solid white pillow cases with a 600 thread count for $20.99.

We opted to go with solid rather than the piping since we have a combination of white, beige and taupe colors on the bed.

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