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Choosing a Mattress Pad
Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Mattress Pad

Simmons Beautyrest Cotton Mattress Pad

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Covering the feather topper with a good thick mattress pad will not only protect it, but will also protect you from being stabbed by the tips of feathers that sometimes poke through the sheets. Also, feather toppers have a tendency to slip to one side and a good mattress pad will help keep it in place.

There are several mattress pads on the market which will do a good job of protecting your bedding. To keep everything neat and appealing, smooth out the wrinkles of the mattress pad and tuck the corners snuggly under the mattress. For additional hold, you may want to consider adding elasticized grips which slip under the corner of the mattress and attach to each end of the mattress pad.

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  • Croscill 400-Thread-Count Cotton Sateen Mattress Pad on sale for $59 (list price: $85) Features: 400-thread count and the expand-a-grip skirt.
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