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Target's Markdown Schedule

Knowing When Target Takes Markdowns Can Help You Get the Best Deals


We have the scoop on when Target takes markdowns. This information can help you snag super good deals at Target before they sell out.

Why Do Stores Use Markdown Schedules?

Most department stores work on a markdown schedule, meaning certain departments will be marked down on certain days. This is done because they often have so much that has to be marked down, that by breaking the store departments up by days, they can manage the task much more efficiently.

Figuring out when a department within a store is going to get marked down can be a real challenge. The best way is by playing detective and asking a friendly sales associate. This is much easier than camping out in the store daily and recording the activity in each department. Besides, one thing about retail; flexibility is the name of the game. Retailers often have to react quickly which could mean on certain days the markdown schedule gets tossed out of the window.

With that said, here is the scoop on when Target "usually" takes markdowns.

Target's Markdown Schedule

  • Monday:
    Baby, Electronics, Childrens' Clothing, Stationery and Office

  • Tuesday:
    Pets, Grocery, Bed & Bath, Women's Clothing

  • Wednesday:
    Toys, Beauty & Health, Patio & Garden, Men's Clothing

  • Thursday:
    Books, Home, Shoes, Movies, Music, Luggage, Lingerie, Sports

  • Friday:
    Auto, Hardware, Jewelry, Cosmetics
Print this list so that you have it handy. Have fun getting the best deals that you can at Target!

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