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Where You Shop Can Save You Money

Time to Break Those Old Shopping Habits?


Many of us are creatures of habit and we do not necessarily like change. We shop for the same items at the same store just because that's the way we have always done it. That's unfortunate, because sometimes changing where and how we shop for things can save us a great deal of money.

Here are some examples of shopping opportunities that you may not have considered that could make a difference in your family budget.

Buyers Clubs - Deal or No Deal?

Buyers Club, such as book, music or DVD clubs, can save you money, but the secret is reading the fine print before you sign up for a long-term commitment. Here are things to look for when deciding if "Get Five DVDs for only $5" is really a good deal.

Consignment Shopping Saves You Money

Secondhand stores do not sale only clothing! You can find home furnishings, art, exercise equipment, musical instruments, fine jewelry, bridal wear, sports equipment, guns, and most anything that you want in secondhand shops online and off.

Government Auctions

There are some many scams and come-ons out there about government auctions, it's easy just to tune them all out, but the U.S. government really does auction off millions of dollars worth of property each year. Here's where to find accurate information on these legitimate auctions.

Grocery Stores That Double Coupons

Here is a question: if you are already taking the time to clip and save coupons and carrying them shopping with you, why would you use them at a grocery that gives you only face value for the coupon when many stores will double it? There are hundreds of stores that offer double coupons.

How to Buy Wholesale

Here's another question: why pay retail prices when you can buy it wholesale? Did you know that many wholesale distributors have scheduled times when they are open to the general public? Learn how you can find and purchase items at a genuine wholesale price.

Internet Auctions - A Guide for Buyers

Online auction sites have become extremely popular because they offer an amazing variety of items priced well below their usual value. But before you place a bid, there are important guidelines to follow and tips that can help you win your bid and keep the process secure.

Tips On Going To Live Auctions

Just like online auctions, live auctions in your area can be great opportunities to purchase items for much less than they would usually sell, even used. The secret to being successful at a live auction is in the research.

Ten Things to Buy at Dollar Stores

If you have been buying the same things and the same store for years just out of habit, you may be able to save a significant amount by buying staple items at the local dollar store. Sometimes they have prices even cheaper on some items than that big mega-superstore!

Unclaimed Baggage For Sale

Each year, airlines pay thousands of claims to passengers for lost luggage that they could not locate and return to the original owner. That lost baggage does not vaporize into thin air. Most of it ends up at a company called Unclaimed Baggage.

Warehouse Store Shopping Tips

Warehouse-type stores can offer great deals to shoppers who pay their annual membership fees. The trick to making warehouse membership work is to do your research, come prepared and buy enough over the year to make up for the annual fee.

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