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How Refunding Lists and Clubs Work

The Basics for Beginners Wanting to Join Refunding Lists


Refunding saves shoppers money on everything from food, pet supplies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, auto supplies and more. There are different levels of refunding which people can get involved in. Some enjoy a casual, less-demanding method of occasionally sending in a refund or rebate form for a free product or coupon for their favorite products. Others make it more of a full-time hobby and collect, organize and trade refund forms and proof-of-purchase qualifiers with groups of people.

Understanding how the refunding trading lists work can seem overwhelming at first to the refunding beginner. But by taking the process step-by-step, many find that the hardest part of refunding is breaking away from it to do other things. It can be fun, lucrative and addicting!

The following information is a snapshot to the basics of how refunding clubs and lists work. Every list is a little different, but the overall theory is the same.

Refunders Trading Clubs and Lists

Once you begin collecting refund forms you will soon discover they are everywhere in the stores. Finding the ones you need may prove to be more challenging. That is why refunding clubs, associations and lists are popular to refunders. The groups are formed by refunders who like to trade required packaging and proof-of-purchase items in order to qualify for a refund, premium offer or rebate.

For example, a person who does not have children, but who eats cereal, may collect the UPC codes off their cereal box which could qualify them for a free child's cereal bowl. What they would really prefer is a pitcher being offered by their favorite ice tea brand, but they haven't collected enough UPC codes to qualify for it.

If that person belongs to refunding list, they can post that they have x-amount of UPC codes for the child's cereal bowl and they will trade them for x-amount of ice tea UPC codes. The goal is to connect with someone who can fulfill the ice tea request and who wants the child's cereal bowl. If all works well, both people will get what they want.

Collecting Refunds, Rebates and Premium Offers Forms

When shopping, collect any rebate form that you think you might be using within the time allotted. Always collect forms without expirations dates. You never know who on a trading board may be looking for that exact form. Ask at the courtesy desk for a list of the rebate offers. Many stores such as Sam's Warehouse list several rebate offers each week. And finally, check Internet resources for up-to-date rebate listings. Often the online resources have more comprehensive lists that you can use at various retail and online stores.

Find Refunding Lists and Clubs

It is a good idea to check the bulletin boards at grocery stores. Also, ask people if they know of a refunding list. The more people you ask, the more lists you'll have to choose from. If there isn't a local group, consider starting your own. A group can start of small, but with word-of-mouth it can grow quickly.

Many refunding lists have several hundred posts and space is limited. To help cut down on the time it takes to type all the required information, a universal refunding language has been adopted with acronyms for the most common phrases. I always suggest people print the lists and keep them handy when typing on refunding forums. In time it will become like a second language. See also: Coupon and Refunding Glossary

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