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Organizing Refunding Forms and Proof of Purchase Requirements

Avoiding the Paper Mess!


Refunding is an excellent way to maximize savings available to shoppers. It is also a great way to accumulate a lot of paper mess unless you have a system intact to keep things organized.

All refund forms will list what is required in order to qualify for the refund. The most common Qualifiers (or proofs-of-purchases) is the UPC code and/or the original cash register receipt with the item circled or highlighted. Therefore, good refunders save everything - all the UPC codes off of the packaging of their purchases and every cash register receipt. Why? Because you never know when a refund will be offered for products you have already purchased.

Refund forms come in all sizes as do the pieces of the proof-of-purchase packaging you may need to send in with your forms. By starting off with a good filing system, you will be able to get your hands on what you need, when you need it.

Don't Invest In Fancy Organizational Tools

Keep the organizational tools simple and use what you already own. Shoe boxes, recycled envelopes and ziplock bags and paperclips are all that is really needed, especially when you first begin refunding. Expensive filing containers will quickly dip into your refunding money.

Organization Tips

  • Place file dividers into a shoebox, Label them for each month and one as "Expiration Unknown".

  • Separate your forms by month then alphabetize them by product name within the month.

  • Set a day to check through your file. I usually do it the day before I go shopping. Toss out any unused expired forms. It is important to keep this file clean and free of unusable forms. It will grow quickly.

  • Before you go shopping, browse your file and mark on your grocery list the items and the specifics (size, quantity) you will need to purchase to receive the rebate.

  • Follow the rebate instructions to the letter. The rebate and refund police are real sticklers for details.

  • Be prepared to have items rung up separately if the rebate calls for the original receipt. Many offers require that now so keep that in mind as you place those items into your shopping cart.

Tip: When first starting off, use a broad labelling system. More detailed labeling will develop over time. Refer to this Category Labeling Chart for ideas on how to seperate your files.

Keeping A Handle on the Proof-of-Purchase Requirements

  • Remember to keep the entire label from a product you are rebating. You may need the UPC code one time and the weight another time.

  • Teach your family to help you by demonstrating to them how to remove labels, flatten boxes, remove plastic outer covers, and save receipts.

  • Designate a specific place for your labels, boxes and proof of purchases to go.

  • On a regular basis, organize your materials into separate boxes.

  • Label the boxes depending on the items such as: canned labels, boxed labels, Rx labels, and laundry labels, miscellaneous.

  • File alphabetically into each box.

This basic system will help you get started. As you become more involved in the refunding process you will develop your own system.

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