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Finding Coupons In the Newspaper

Not Every Newspaper Offers the Same Coupons


Sunday newspapers have always been one of the most popular resources for grocery coupons. But within the same city, not every newspaper will have the same coupon inserts.

Before subscribing to the local Sunday newspaper in order to get coupons, it is helpful to compare all the available newspapers and look over the coupon inserts. Different newspapers can be found at a newspaper stand or store, the local library or any large public place such as an airport or hotel. Even your favorite coffee shop may have more than one newspaper laying around for the customers to read.

The Sunday newspaper is usually stuffed with national printed inserts of coupons and the national grocery ads along with retail sales inserts.

The mid-week newspapers (Thursday in my town) have a section just for local grocery shopping. This is when your local stores advertise coupons and weekly specials.

Advertising Inserts

There are three major companies which provide advertising inserts with coupons to most newspapers.
  • SmartSource- Generally advertises in the Sunday newspaper every week.
  • Vlassis- Inserts can be found often every other week.
  • PGBrand Saver- Look for the PGBrand Saver usually at the beginning of each month.

Missing Inserts

It is not uncommon to have the coupon section of the newspaper turn up missing. This is because the inserts are slippery and not attached and can easily slip out while in route to your house. If this happens, a call to the newspaper delivery department on the same day the paper is delivered is worth the time. Ask that they deliver another paper with all the advertising inserts, or just the inserts.

Buying Multiple Copies

On some days the newspaper coupons are like gold in that there seems to be a lot of coupons for the products we buy. On days like that it could be worth it to purchase multiple newspapers, just to get the coupons. If for example the newspaper cost $1.50 and there is $6.00 in coupons you know you will use - it is worth it to go buy additional copies. Doing a little math will help the decision process.

Tip: Some stores discount the price of newspapers late in the day. Asking store employees is the best way to find out what their policy is on old newspapers.

Buying Out of Town Newspapers

The advertising inserts you see in the newspaper are usually designed for different regions of the country. The coupons offered in your paper may not be the same as what is offered in my paper. Therefore, buying out of town Sunday newspapers can be a good resource for finding coupons not normally designated for your area.

This is not only good for building a more diverse collection of coupons, but it also can save us more money because many times grocery stores do not mark down items that coincide with the local coupon inserts. By collecting coupons from other areas we might find more items on sale which we can match with the coupons we find in out of town newspapers.

Other Sources for Newspaper Inserts

  • People We Know
    There are a lot of people who do not care about clipping coupons and will save that section of their paper if they know a friend would like it. Asking around to family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers can result in a great collection of coupon inserts. However, a good rule of thumb when asking people to save something they normally throw away is to also offer to go get it before it gets in their way.

  • Neighborhood Recycle Bins
    Walk the neighborhood on the evening when people place their newspaper recycle bins on the curb. One man's trash can become a coupon clipper's treasure.

  • Public Places
    Look for abandoned newspapers in public places such as airports, hotels, waiting rooms, commuter trains, coffee houses and restaurants.

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