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Clipping Coupons - Setting a Savings Goal by Using Coupons

Setting a Coupon Clipping Goal Keeps You Motivated


Clipping coupons is a wonderful way to save extra money on food, beverages, pet care, household goods, medicines, yard and automobile products,to name just a few. Even the most casual clipper will find using coupons to be a money saver.

If you are just getting into clipping coupons the first step is to decide approximately how much you want to save. As your collection of coupons increases and you become more familiar with the process, you can adjust the goal accordingly.

Goal Setting

Let's say you decide you want to save $10 a week on groceries. That means if you meet your goal, you will save $520 a year - just by clipping coupons.

You might decide to make a gradually growing goal for the year. A good example would be the clipper who set the goal at $10 a week the first three months, $20 a week the next three months, then $30 a week for the next six months. By using this method, she saved $1080 a year. That is a substantial amount of money!

Regardless of how you set your goal, remember that some weeks you might come up short, but other weeks you may excel. The real goal is having the ability to save something on some of the items you would normally buy at regular price. Anytime you do that, it's a success story.

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