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How to Get Cheap or Free Haircuts

Cut the Cost of Haircuts Without Getting Scalped


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Are you tired of paying for expensive haircuts? There are several ways to get great looking cheap or free haircuts for you and your family.

Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Many beauty and cosmetology schools have student salons where you can get a variety of salon services at super cheap prices or for free. The students are always under the supervision of a licensed instructor and because it is a teaching environment, the standards are usually high. If a mistake does happen, it is corrected on the spot.

Call the beauty and cosmetology schools in your area and find out what they offer, how much they charge and what days they are open to the public. In my area, you can get your hair washed, conditioned, cut, styled, colored or permed, get a pedicure, manicure, and an eyebrow and facial wax all for under $50 and tipping is not allowed. I usually just go for the haircut, but it is nice to know I don't have to break the bank if I do decide to pamper myself.

To locate a beauty school in your area, visit FindaBeautySchool.com.

Work-at-Home Stylists

Many stylists are set up to work from your home or theirs as a way to cut back on the expenses of working or owning a commercial salon. It is also a popular option for retired stylists who are no longer interested in punching time clocks.

Generally, the prices from work-at-home stylists are going to be less than salon stylists and they will often charge a bulk price when working with an entire family.

Another benefit of becoming a regular with a work-at-home stylist is that if you are ever in a real crunch, many times they are more flexible with their time and will help you.

A good way to find work-at-home stylists is through craigslist.com, your local paper or by word of mouth.

Your Local Barber

If you have a basic hairstyle there is no reason to pass up going to your local barber for a trim or a cut. Many barbers have been cutting hair for years and are highly skilled. Prices are cheap and you are usually in and out quickly. This is also a good affordable option for children.

Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Many salons offer coupons regularly through Valpak, the newspapers and email. Coupons for Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, Regis Salons and Sears and more, can often be found with a simple Google search for "Salon Coupons".

You may also want to sign up at the salon websites in order to receive coupons and other special promotions.

Daily deals sites like Groupon.com and LivingSocial.com also periodically promote local and national salons.

Modeling Gigs

There are several reasons salons are always in need of people willing to sit quietly while their hair is styled in whatever way the stylists want to do it. One of the main reasons is so that a salon owner or senior stylist can demonstrate a new technique to the other stylist.

Generally, models are not paid and some salons may actually charge models for the services that they receive.

Before you agree to model, ask about payment, pricing, discounts and find out what the plan is for your hair.

Trading Skills

If you have a friend that cuts and styles hair, they may be willing to trade their services for something you are skilled at doing. Many people are trading skills these days as a way to save money. It never hurts to ask.

Cut Your Own Hair

If you do a search on YouTube, you will find how-to videos for people interested in learning how to cut their own hair. There is also an About.com video on how to trim your bangs. Personally, I cannot imagine how people do it, especially after seeing what a disaster I made of my poor dog when I tried to clip her hair, but apparently, the DYI haircut is of growing interest to many people.

There are different products out there that are marketed as tools to help DYI hairstylists. The Creaclip is for cutting layers and trimming bangs at home. A curved (straight for bangs) clip holds your hair in place as you snip.

There is also the FlOWBEE and the Robocut that both use a vacuum suction system to help cut your hair.

I have never tried any of the products myself and suggest that you check around for reviews before you buy.

Work at a Salon

Have some extra time on your hands and love to get your hair styled? Why not try to land a part-time job at your favorite hair salon? Not only will you get a discount on any services and products that you get, but you will also be privy to any modeling jobs.

Sometimes finding someone willing to just work eight hours a week during the busy times is a difficult position for salons to fill.

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