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How to Get Walmart to Take Coupons Printed Off the Internet

Winning the Internet Coupons Battle at Walmart


Are you having problems using your coupons printed off the internet at Walmart?

Getting stores to accept printed coupons can sometimes be challenging. Part of the reason is because of all the fraudulent coupons that circulate on the internet. However, Walmart's corporate policy states that they accept internet coupons, and if you know your coupons fall under the policy guidelines, then you should be able to use your coupons without problems.

Unfortunately that isn't always the case and you may have to jump through a few corporate hoops to get your local Walmart management on board with corporate policies.

Tips on how to get Walmart to accept your printed coupons:

Know the Walmart Coupon Policy

Many times you may be dealing with a new Walmart employee who hasn't been fully trained on the policies and procedures for accepting coupons. It is helpful if you have a full understanding of the Walmart policies regarding coupons before you go shopping. You don't have to memorize it all, just become familiar with it. See: The Walmart Coupon Policy

Print the Official Coupon Policy

Unfortunately sometimes it is the store management that attempts to turn down internet printed coupons. Having a copy of the official corporate policy on hand will help. The corporate policy can be found here.

How to Handle Refusals

  • Dealing With Cashiers

    If a cashier refuses to accept your internet coupons, show them the copy of the policy. If they still refuse, do not get mad; just ask to speak to a manager.

  • Dealing With Managers

    If the manager refuses to take your coupons, ask them to read the letter and explain to you why they are going against their corporate policy. Again, stay calm. If your coupons are within the acceptable guidelines you are in the right and they are in the wrong.

    If they continue to refuse to take your coupons:

      1) Write down their name and ask to speak to the next level of management, which is usually the District or Regional manager. At this point you will likely receive a phone number which when calling will lead to the voice mailbox of their superior.

      2) If you have a cell phone, stay in your place in the grocery line and call the number. If you receive a message to leave a voice mail, leave your name, phone number, date, time, and a message of why you are calling, including that you are at the store waiting for them to return your call.

      3) If you do not hear back within a reasonable time and you can take a picture with your cell phone, then place a copy of the coupon policy onto the cart of groceries and take a picture. Then leave the grocery cart at the checkout line and leave the store. Remember, it will now be your word against the manager's word.

      4) If you do not hear back from the person that you left the voice mail with, call back until you do hear back. At that point, ask for their name and their position, then give them the exact details (no need to exaggerate) of what happened. Offer to email them the picture.

      5) When they tell you that they will speak to the manager and to feel secure that this type of incident won't happen again, ask them to send you a store coupon along with an email stating that you can use your internet coupons at the store in question.

      6) Return to the store with the corporate coupon policy and the letter from the manager's superior. Ask to speak with a manager before you shop and verify that your internet coupons will now be accepted. There is need to be unpleasant, just be firm.

If you follow these steps you should not have any additional problems with using your internet printed coupons at Walmart.
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