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Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Shopping


Holiday spending can quickly get out of hand, even for the most budget minded. The following 10 steps will help us stay focused on getting the most out of holiday dollars and help us stay away from the temptations of getting into financial problems during this highly emotional shopping season.
    1. Take the time to make a list of everyone you plan to buy a present for and how much you plan to spend, and stick to the list. This includes service people such as hair dressers, trainers, doormen, etc.

    2. Avoid shopping at the last minute by starting your holiday shopping early. When under pressure, shoppers often buy more than what they need.

    3. Save time and gas by using the Internet to compare prices, check guarantee price policies, shipping costs and return policies.

    4. Call your favorite stores weekly and ask what key promotional events are going on.

    5. Bookmark your favorite stores' websites on your computer so you can quickly check promotional activity.

    6. Join your favorite stores' email lists and get promotional information in your IN box. Note: Create an email address other than you main address to avoid spam in your main email account.

    7. Stop by mall offices before shopping and ask if there are any available promotions or coupons available. Also check in the food courts for store coupons.

    8. For larger purchases, take the time to check prices after you make your purchases. Many stores allow for price-adjustments within a limited time if an item is reduced lower than what you paid.

    9. Consider re-gifting something you received, but did not use. Just make sure you know "the rules" of proper re-gifting.

    10. Put additional effort into making your gifts look beautiful by carefully wrapping your presents. A beautifully wrapped gift will enhance whatever is inside the box.

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