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Before You Buy Baby Products - Savings Tips


Cutting the cost of baby products can sometimes be challenging. Baby coupons in your local paper are often scarce. This can be frustrating especially when so often the most expensive items in your grocery cart are diapers and baby formula. However, there are savings for baby products if you know where to look.

Baby Clubs

Your local grocery store may be one of the best places to look for savings on baby products. Grocery store sponsored Baby Clubs have grown in popularity and manufacturers of baby products work closely with the grocery clubs.

Generally, the only requirement is that you join the store's loyalty program and you sign up for the club. Club members can enjoy special baby offers including earning points for free baby products, in-store check rebates based on baby purchases and special monthly and bi-monthly special offers.

Formula Checks

Manufacturers of baby formulas often offer checks to the consumer to be used at the grocery store. The checks can only be used at a retail store and cannot be cashed by an individual. The formula checks should not be confused with manufacturer coupons, and in most cases coupons can be used along with the check.

Register Receipt Coupons

Baby product coupons are often printed on the back of grocery store register receipts when baby items are purchased. This is because the baby industry is very competitive. Consumers who are not brand loyal can often increase their savings by saving and using this type of coupon offer.

New Baby Package Offers

Manufacturers sometimes offer new parents the choice to sign-up for packages put together for the arrival of the new baby. The gifts may include backpacks filled with free coupons and products.

Wholesale Clubs

Living near a wholesale club such as Costco or Sam's Club, makes stocking up on baby products a sensible and sometimes good money-saving choice. It is helpful to bring along a list of products you want to buy and how much they cost at your local grocery or drugstore. Sometimes purchasing certain items weekly is less expensive and less stressful to the monthly household budget.

When buying diapers, parents may want to try different brands to test the baby's sensitivity levels before investing in bulk buying.


Many drugstores have become competitive in pricing on baby products and offer money-saving "2 for" promotions. Signing up at local drugstores, both at the store and online, usually results in getting weekly or monthly money-saving books.

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