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Web Site Helps Swappers Connect

'One Person's Trash Can Be Another's Treasure'


The saying, "One person's trash can be another's treasure" is being proven online at a unique site designed to keep good stuff out of landfills.

The Freecycle Network was founded by recycling manager, Deron Beal, in May 2003 as a way to reduce waste in Tucson Arizona and prevent more land from being gobbled up by landfills. It's growth has been amazing and it now spans out to over 30 countries, over 850 various US cities, and has a free membership of some 180,000 people.

How It Works

Each local group has a volunteer moderator running things. Membership is free and all you need to do to get hooked up is go to the site, find your city and an automatic email, once you send it, will sign you up automatically. One signed up you will be able to see lists of items "Wanted" and "Offered" plus you'll receive daily emails of the latest posts.

The most unique part of this service is that everything listed is free bringing the concept of recycling to it's truest form.

Of course there is a fair share of junk listed but there are also plenty of items that are hard to find and may be exactly what you need to fix your old computer, decorate your hand made baskets, make covers for your outdoor furniture or numerous other fix-it projects you have in mind.

If you do not really need anything the list itself can be entertaining to read.

So before you throw away the sink you are replacing in your kitchen, why not log on and list it. You never know, it may be the exact thing someone else is looking for.(Shipping charges are discouraged since this is a free site.)

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