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Shopping Tips and Savings Articles

Tired of how expensive everything has become? This useful collection of shopping tips and  articles will help cut the cost on things that you buy.

A Shopper's Guide to E-Payments
Learn how simple it is to safely make payments and transfer money online.

Are You A Good Bargain Shopper? Take the Quiz and Find Out
Here is a short quiz to see how much you really know about being a good bargain shopper.

Storm Recovery - Cheaply Replacing What You Lost
Replacing personal belongings lost in a storm can be costly. Use these tips and guideline to cut the cost of replacing what you lost.


Retailers Take a Stand Against Refund Fraud
Return policies are getting tighter as retailers try to cut their losses due to return fraud.

Save Money On Back to School Shopping
Shopping for back-to-school clothing and supplies can add up. Use these tips to help curve the cost.

Top Picks for School Uniforms
Why hit the malls? Many online stores offer competitive prices, free shipping with a minimum purchase, extra discounts and aggressive promotions.

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