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Apparel Articles & News

Apparel articles and related news.

A Consumer's Guide to E-Payments
How to make payments and transfer money online, safely.

Are You A Good Bargain Shopper? Take the Quiz and Find Out
A short quiz to see how much you really know about being a good bargain shopper.

Katrina: Replacing the Basics Cheaply
Those temporarily living away from their homes due to Katrina are facing having to replace some of the basic needs until they can return home. Here are tips on how to accomplish this and resources on where to go to find inexpenisive temporary solutions.

Retailers Take a Stand Against Refund Fraud
Return policies are getting tighter as profit margins beging to take shrink.

Save Money On Back to School Shopping
How to save money on back to school shopping.

Top Picks for School Uniforms
Why hit the malls? Often times with online incentives, the price of shopping online beats brick & mortar prices. Many offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, extra discounts and aggressive promotions.

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