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Lowes Food Stores Coupon Policy

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowe's Food Stores Coupon Acceptance Policy


Lowes Food Stores accepts manufacturer's coupons, coupons from magazines, mailers, some internet printed coupons and some competitor's coupons. Below are guidelines to follow when redeeming coupons at Lowes.

General Coupon Acceptance Polices

  • Does Lowes only accept the original coupon, meaning no photo copies?

  • Can the coupon value be more than the price of the item being purchased?
    No. There is no cash given back for coupons that exceed the amount of the item.

  • Must the item be the exact same item, size, or type as described on the coupon?

  • How many coupons can be used on one item?
    One coupon per item.

  • How many coupons per same items can be redeemed?
    Four coupons for the same four items.

Internet Coupons

Lowes accepts internet printed coupons that meet industry standards, meaning they must have a scanable barcode, contain unique serial numbers, have an expiration date, contain the words "Manufacturer Coupon," are printed, not copied and readable.

  • Are internet printed "Buy One Get One" coupons accepted?

  • Are internet printed "Free" coupons accepted?

  • Are there limits on how many internet coupons can be redeemed?
    Yes. Two internet printed coupons for the same item will be redeemed per day.
Competitor's Coupons

  • Does Lowes accept competitor's coupons?
    Lowes Food Stores accepts some competitor's coupons from circulars or through direct mail for dollars off the entire purchase. Those stores include Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, Kroger, Super Target, Super K-Mart and Wal-mart.

    They do not accept competitor's coupons for specific items or other store's internet coupons.

  • Does Lowe's accept Catalina coupons received from other stores?
    Yes as long as the purchase requirements have been met and the coupons can be scanned.
Double Coupons

Lowes will double 20 coupons a day, each with a face value of $0.99 or less. Free, Buy One Get One and coupons that state "do not double" will not be doubled.

Store policies change regularly. A complete and more detailed list of coupon acceptance and other polices can be found at the Lowe's Food Store website.

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