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Acme Coupon Policy

Acme Fresh Market Offers Customers Coupon Savings, Weekly Specials and More


Acme currently operates 17 Acme Fresh Market stores in and around the Northeast Ohio area. Their coupon policy is very direct and easy to understand. They accept manufacturer's coupons and Acme Store coupons at all stores. Plus there are other ways to save at Acme stores, including a customer savings program, fuel program and prescription program. Details of extra ways to save follows the coupon policy below.

General Coupon Policy

  • All coupons must be original - no photocopies.
  • Products (name, size) must match the criteria listed on the coupon.
  • Only one coupon per item.
  • Coupons must be redeemed before the expiration date.
  • There is no limit to the number of coupons redeemed per transaction.
  • Acme reserves the right to refuse any coupon for any reason.

Using Manufacturer Coupons at Acme Stores

  • Manufacturer coupons must contain the words, "Manufacturer's Coupon".
  • The coupon value cannot exceed the amount of the item(s) purchased.

Internet Coupons

Internet coupons are coupons that are found online and printed to use in the stores.
  • The face value of the coupon must be $5 or less.
  • Have a scan-able barcode.
  • Must be legible.
  • Coupons offering "Free" items, including "Buy One Get One Free" are not accepted.

Acme Catalina Coupons

Only Catalina coupons that say "Store Coupon Redeemable at Acme Fresh Market" will be accepted.

Acme Store Coupons

Only store coupons that have an Acme Fresh Market logo will be accepted unless otherwise authorized by an Acme department.

Acme will not accept the following coupons:

  • Coupons from other retailers or coupons that may be used only at other retailers.
  • Coupons that fail to scan or have an invalid promotional code.
  • Expired coupons.
  • Free item coupons if printed from the internet.
  • Acme reserves the right to refuse any coupon for any reason.
Updated May 12, 2011. Coupon policies change without notice. Please visit the Acme website for current coupon news.

Other Ways to Save at Acme Fresh Market Stores:

Acme offers daily and weekly specials which can be viewed on their website. You can also print coupons from the Acme website.

To help strategize your savings, you can view the checkout coupons which are limited-time offers based on specific purchases that you make.

Acme Savings Card customers receive extra savings on products throughout the store plus special offers and exclusive rewards.

The Acme Fuel Rewards Card is a way for shoppers to earn rewards by purchasing specific items. The rewards can then be used towards the purchase of fuel at participating Circle K stations.

Customers can receive Pharmacy Rewards by using their Savings Card each time they purchase an Acme Fresh Market Pharmacy prescription. Purchase 10 prescriptions to become eligible for the Rewards. Reward coupons will be printed at the store’s registers.

Looking for a Acme Fresh Market store? See below:

Corporate Office:
2700 Gilchrist Rd
PO Box 1910
Akron, OH

Store Locations:

  • Acme No. 1 - 1835 W. Market St., Akron - 330-867-3563
  • Acme No. 2 - 2420 Wedgewood Dr., Akron - 330-784-5411
  • Acme No. 4 - 116 W. Streetsboro Rd., Hudson - 330-650-0465
  • Acme No. 6 - 3200 Greenwich Rd., Norton - 330-825-0896
  • Acme No. 7 - 1709 State Route 59, Kent - 330-678-1535
  • Acme No. 10 - 2226 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls - 330-923-2717
  • Acme No. 11 - 600 South Ave., Tallmadge - 330-633-0008
  • Acme No. 12 - 2630 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls - 330-923-1417
  • Acme No. 14 - 3235 Manchester Rd., Akron - 330-644-8881
  • Acme No. 15 - 3979 Medina Rd. (Rt. 18) Akron - 330-666-6781
  • Acme No. 16 - 1474 N. Main St., North Canton - 330-497-0718
  • Acme No. 17 - 4445 Kent Rd., Stow - 330-678-0040
  • Acme No. 18 - 2147 East Ave., Akron - 330-745-3533
  • Acme No. 19 - 2905 Whipple Ave. NW, Canton - 330-478-2571
  • Acme No. 20 - 1225 Pleasant Valley Rd. Parma/Cleveland - 440-842-6332
  • Acme No. 30 - 4302 Allen Rd. Suite #110 Stow (Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Only) - 330-922-4057

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