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Walgreens Coupon Tutorial


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Walgreens Register Rewards
Walgreens Register Rewards Example

Walgreens Register Rewards Example

Walgreens Register Rewards (RR) are awarded when you purchase qualifying items advertised in the Walgreens Weekly Ads and with promotions that are going on within the store. They are similar to gift certificates in that they can be redeemed towards the total of another Walgreens purchase.

The Scope/Fixodent offer above is an example of what a Register Reward offer might look like. You will see the offers distributed throughout the Walgreens Weekly Ads.

Most all Register Rewards list the qualifying products, the sizes of the products that you need to purchase, and the amount of the Register Rewards you will earn when you checkout.

You can only receive one Register Reward for one offer per transaction. Using the above ad for an example, if you bought four bottles of Scope, you would only receive one $1 Register Reward when you check out.

Other Types of Register Reward Offers

You will also see Register Rewards earned by purchasing a dollar amount of select products. The ad above was an offer for $3 in Register Rewards when purchasing $10 of any of the select products listed on the offer. Some "Buy One Get One" promotions also award Register Rewards. The best thing to do is to carefully scan your article. You can also check the Walgreen's Weekly Coupon Matchup page which lists the weekly Register Rewards along with corresponding coupon information.

Using Coupons on Qualifying Register Rewards Items

Walgreens allows customers to use manufacturer's coupons with items earning Register Rewards. You can use one coupon per item.

For example, using the Scope offer above, if you purchased the Scope for $3.99, and you applied a manufacturer's coupon for $2 off Scope, you would still earn $1 Register Reward. When you redeem the Register Reward at a later date, the Scope would end up costing you just $0.99.

For Register Reward items that are part of a "Buy One Get One" promotion, you can use one coupon for each item, just like with the Weekly Ad coupons mentioned in Step 2.

Important Things to Remember About Register Rewards

When redeeming your Register Rewards it is important to remember that you cannot use it to purchase products made from the same manufacturer as the product that *earned* you the Register Reward.

For example, if you earned $1 Register Reward when you bought the Scope, you could not come back and use that Register Reward to buy another bottle of Scope or any other Procter & Gamble product.

This is important to remember when you start to develop your couponing scenarios (which we will get into later) for shopping at Walgreens.

What Does a Register Reward Look Like?

The Register Reward prints from a Catalina machine when you buy the qualifying items and check out. The Catalina paper is thin register paper which can fade and is easily torn if not stored in a safe place. The Register Reward pictured above (bottom-middle) is an example of what a Register Reward looks like.

It will have the amount of the Reward and the manufacturer of the product you purchased. It will also have an expiration date which can be a few days to a few weeks from the date that you receive it.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Register Rewards

- Register Rewards will only print for in-stock merchandise during the promotional period which means there are no rain checks for out of stock items.

- The Register Rewards coupon value cannot exceed the total purchase amount. For example, if you purchased some candy and the total sale was $2 and you redeemed a $3 Register Reward, you would not receive $1 back in cash or in Register Rewards. You would simply forfeit the remaining dollar.

- If you return an item you purchased and you earned a Register Reward at the time of your purchase, you will have to forfeit the Register Reward at the time of the return.

There are some items that Register Rewards cannot be purchased with including prescriptions, tobacco and alcohol, postage stamps, gift certificates, dairy products and more. You can view the complete list on the Walgreens Coupon Policy page.

The Register Reward cannot be used to pay sales tax.

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