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ALL YOU Magazine Review

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The Bottom Line

For anyone looking for a lot of coupons in a magazine, ALL YOU wins hands down. It is worth the subscription alone in exchange for the coupons and for the quality of coupons that you will receive. If you like magazines and you like to clip coupons, this could be a good match.


  • A lot of great coupons.
  • Articles are written for value-minded women.
  • You can find exclusive ALL YOU coupons.
  • Great menu planner with affordable meal ideas.
  • Subscription price is reasonable.


  • I have not found anything negative to say about ALL YOU.


  • Available through subscription or at Wal-Mart.
  • Designed for value-minded women although it would be helpful to all coupon clippers (regardless of gender).
  • ALL YOU is owned by Time Inc.

Guide Review - ALL YOU Magazine Review

ALL YOU is a popular magazine among couponers because it not only features a lot of high-value coupons on good products, but it also has articles and living tips for those who like to live for less.

The articles are seasonal and the tips are realistic and doable. Each month features an, "Ask an Expert" section which is often about sensible ways to save money, although it does cover other areas such as relationships and decorating.

Other features include monthly menu ideas with affordable meal ideas and the recipes are anything but boring. Many of the ideas are made with food that many of us would actually eat and with ingredients that most of us own. Also, along with the meal planner is a helpful grocery list of all of the ingredients in the recipes for you to cut out and take to the store.

More About the Coupons

The average coupons each month can differ, but for example:
  • May 2011 - $85.32 in coupons
  • June 2011 - $91.60 in coupons
Example of Coupons:
  • March 2011 - $2 off Butterball Turkey Breast
  • April 2011 - $1 off (any) Olivari Olive Oil
  • May 2011 - $1 off Marie Callender's Pies
Another great feature is that the coupons distributed throughout the magazine are all listed on the first few pages, within the "Content" section. The list includes the corresponding page that the coupon can be found on.

Also, a pet peeve of mine, is that many coupons inside magazines are poorly placed. ALL YOU does a good job of putting the coupons in places that when cut, do not destroy a good article or recipe idea.

Exclusive Deals

ALL YOU always has a few exclusive coupons, free items, are super-cheap products featured each month. You can also find their daily "free offer" on the ALL YOU website.

Subscription Cost

The cost for a subscription changes regularly and it sometimes depends on how long of a subscription you get, but I was able to sign up for a 24-month subscription for $1.66 an issue.

The magazine is also available at Wal-Mart if you do not want a subscription.

You can visit the ALL YOU subscription page for more information.

ALL YOU is owned by Time Inc.

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