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Zavers Ecoupon Service

Zavers Paperless Coupons Make Couponing Easy and Hassle Free


Zavers is an electronic coupon service that handles ecoupons for select grocery stores. Shoppers can go to Zavers.com and browse and select brand ecoupons and their grocery store's ecoupons, load them onto their customer loyalty cards, then use them at the store by just swiping their card when they check out.

This article answers frequently asked questions about Zavers coupons, including how to register at Zavers, which grocery stores use the service, how to select and load Zavers ecoupons onto a store card and how to redeem them at the store.

Participating Stores

To begin using Zavers eCoupons, you will first need to belong to one of the participating stores' loyalty programs and have an active loyalty card. The participating stores are A&P, Bi-Lo, The Food Emporium, Harris Teeter, PathMark, Price Chopper, Superfresh, Waldbaums, and Winn Dixie.

If you need to join the loyalty program, visit the customer service desk at the grocery store where you will be using Zavers coupons and sign up. Once you have an active loyalty program card you can register at Zavers.com and start using their services.

How to Register at Zavers

To register, go to the Zavers website and click on the green "Sign In" button on the top-left side of the homepage.

Next, click on the "Create an Account" button in the "New Customer" section. You are required to enter an email address. Be certain to enter it correctly because an activation email will be sent to finish the registration.

To make sure that the activation email does not end up going to your spam box, add zavers@zavers.com to your Trusted or Safe Senders list on your email account.

Complete the form and click "Send".

Tip: The email address that you provide will be your Login. Remember to protect your personal email account by using an additional email for couponing correspondence.

You will then receive an activation email that will have a one-time activation link that you will need to click on or you can paste the activation code into the next form.

When you have completed that step another form will pop up showing that your account has been activated and that you are now ready to add your stores' loyalty card numbers.

Adding Loyalty Card Number

Select the grocery store loyalty program that you belong to from the drop-down menu, then enter the loyalty card number which is located under the bar code that is typically on the back of the card.

Repeat this step for each store loyalty card that you want to register.

Once you complete this step you are ready to browse and save your coupons to your loyalty card.

Adding Coupons to Your Loyalty Card

Once the sign-up process is complete, you will be able to view the available coupons in the “Brand Coupon” and “Store Coupon” tabs.

The coupons page automatically defaults to displaying the newest coupons first, but you can also sort the coupons by value or expiration.

When you find a coupon that you want to save, click the "Save It" button located at the bottom of the coupon. The button will change from "Save It" to "Saved" indicating that the coupon has indeed been saved.

Ecoupon Limits

You are allowed up to 99 different coupons saved in your account at any time. However, if you use any other ecoupon services like Cellfire or Shortcuts, and you have their ecoupons loaded on the same customer card, they count towards your limit.

This is why it is important to load the coupons that you are really interested in using and avoid just loading the available coupons in batches.

Viewing and Printing Lists

If you want to see all of your saved coupons, go to "My Coupons" tab.

To print the list of your saved coupons go to the "Shopping List" page. Remember, these are paperless coupons and it is not necessary to print the list in order to use the coupons, but it is helpful to have it while you shop.

Using Zavers ECoupons

To use the Zavers ecoupons, go shopping, purchase the products, swipe your store's customer card at the register, and your savings will be automatically deducted and printed on your receipt.

Points to Remember About Zavers ECoupons

Zavers eCoupons will be redeemed for face value only and will not be doubled or tripled.

The coupons can be used just one time unless otherwise noted on the coupon.

Zavers adds coupons continuously so check often.

If you add a coupon and then decide not to use it you can delete it from your account. Go to the "My Coupons" tab and click "Delete" on that coupon.

Stacking Zavers ECoupons

ECoupons cannot be used with a paper coupon on one item. You are limited to one coupon per item purchased.

Problem Solving

If you encounter a problem with the Zavers coupons try to get a store employee to assist you. However, many times there is not much that store personnel can do because they cannot access your Zavers account.

You also have the option to email Zavers with a detailed explanation of what happened and they will work to find a solution for you.

Other Services Available at Zavers

Mobile Services

There are three mobile services available through Zavers:

Zavers Mobile Website: On the mobile website you can view coupons and save them to your account. In addition, you can view the coupons saved in your account in "My Coupons".

Text Notification: You can sign up to receive notifications of new coupons and offers via text messaging.

Short Code: Occasionally, manufacturers will put a six digit text messaging Short Code in their coupons either on the web or in printed materials. If you see a coupon you want this way, you can text the six digit code to 224466 and it will automatically be saved in your account and you will receive a confirmation text message.

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