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Cellfire Electronic Coupons

Find Answers to the Most Asked Questions About Using Cellfire ECoupons


If you want to start using Cellfire electronic coupons (also known as eCoupons), but you are not sure how to get started or how they work, the following step-by-step guide will help take you through the process. We will also give you tips on how to get the most out of using Cellfire eCoupons.

What is Cellfire?

Cellfire is an electronic coupon service that has partnered with select grocery stores customer loyalty programs. The service will allow you to load eCoupons from your computer onto your grocery store customer loyalty card.

The coupons are automatically deducted during checkout after you swipe your loyalty card and when you purchase the qualifying items. No paper coupons are exchanged. It is all done digitally and the service is free.

How Do I Get Cellfire eCoupons?

To start using the Cellfire service you will first need to join the loyalty program (or customer savings program) of a grocery store that partners with Cellfire if you have not done so already. A list of the stores can be found below.

When you apply to the program you will usually receive a customer card immediately. Before registering the card at Cellfire, use it at the store at least one time to activate it then wait 30 minutes before adding it to Cellfire.

Registering at Cellfire

Next go to the Cellfire website to register. To begin the registration you will be asked for your phone number and the year of your birth. The phone number will be your Login ID for future visits.

You will also be asked to enter the account number from your loyalty card which is located under the barcode on the back of the card.

Once you complete these two steps you are registered and you can begin using the Cellfire services.

Browsing and Selecting Cellfire Coupons

The Cellfire website is very simple in design which makes navigation easy to learn and finding the coupons that you want a snap.

To search for coupons, click on the top link that is labeled "Browse Offers".

Next you will click on the tab labeled "Digital Coupons".

You will then see a page or multiple pages of available coupons. In order to view the details of a coupon, place your mouse on the center of it and click. A pop-up box will appear that has all the details that you need to know about the coupon, including the expiration date.

When you find a coupon that you want, click on the "Clip" button located on the bottom of each coupon. The coupons that you "Clip" will then be linked to your loyalty card and they are ready to be redeemed during your next shopping trip.

New coupons are added to Cellfire on a regular basis, but generally the larger batches are added about every two weeks. You can set up your account so that you receive email alerts when new coupons are added.

Using Cellfire Coupons

A list of the coupons that you have clipped and saved to your account can be printed by clicking on the "Create Shopping List" button which is located under your favorite grocery store. You can then print the list, forward it to your email or view it on your mobile phone.

Using Cellfire coupons is like using any coupon. Once you have finished shopping and you are ready to check out you simply swipe your store card and all of the Cellfire coupons that match the qualifying products will be automatically deducted from your total. There are no coupons to sort through or hand to the cashier.

Points to Remember About Cellfire eCoupons

  • Usage Limits

    Cellfire coupons can only be used one time. Once you use one, it will no longer be listed on your saved coupon list.

    For example, let's say you had a coupon for $1 off when you buy two boxes of Milk Bone treats. If you buy just the two boxes of Milk Bone treats the $1 will be deducted from your total. If you bought four boxes of Milk Bone treats only $1 will still be deducted.

  • ECoupon Limits on Store Cards

    When saving eCoupons to your store cards it is important to remember that although you can clip as many of the Cellfire coupons that you want, the store card may have limits.

    Also, if you use any additional electronic coupon services on the same card, the coupons that you have saved with those services and coupons that you save with Cellfire all count towards the card limit.

    Keeping this in mind is important because most electronic coupon services have not figured out how to let shoppers delete eCoupons from their savings card.

    The only way they will drop from the list is if they expire or you use them.

  • Cellfire Coupon Stacking Policies

    Cellfire discourages shoppers from stacking Cellfire coupons with other eCoupons or paper coupons.

    For example, if you have a Cellfire coupon and a paper coupon for the identical item, you should either use one or the other, not both coupons on one item.

    If you have two identical products and two Cellfire coupons for that product you should ring each one in a separate transaction in order to redeem both coupons. Cellfire coupons will only be applied once per product, per transaction.

  • Problems With Cellfire Coupons

    Occasionally you may have a problem with a Cellfire coupon on your list not showing as being redeemed even though you bought the correct product. If this happens it is best to contact Cellfire about it since store employees have no way to review your Cellfire account.

    Also, eCoupons are still considered a new approach to couponing. Many store employees have not been trained to deal with the occasional problems that may occur.

Cellfire's "Save-To-Card" ECoupon Stores
  • Kroger including Baker's, City Market, Dillons, Fry's, Fred Meyer, Gerbes, Hilander, JayC, King Soopers, Owen's, Pay Less, QFC

  • Safeway including Vons, Pavilions, Genuardis, Carrs, Dominicks, and Tom Thumb

  • ShopRite, all 220 store locations

  • Giant Eagle including GetGo and Market District

  • SHOP 'n SAVE

  • Lowe's Foods (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia)

  • Foodtown (New Jersey, New York)

  • Harps

  • D'Agostino's

Other Cellfire Services

Along with offering eCoupons, Cellfire also has printable coupons on its website and Cellfire Mobile which allows instant access to your saved coupons via your mobile phone.

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