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Why Couponers Love Catalina Coupons

The Coupon That You Can Use On Anything In The Store


A common question that you hear from people who want to learn how to save the most from using coupons, is how extreme couponers end up paying next to nothing when they have products like meat and fresh produce in their shopping baskets?

While there are many different ways that this can be done, one way which we will discuss here is by collecting valuable Catalina coupons.

The following article explores what Catalina coupons are and how they help to maximizing savings at the grocery store.

What are Catalina Coupons?

Catalinas are paper coupons that print out of small machines that are located by the registers at the check-out areas of stores. The coupons print immediately after you purchase participating products.

Catalina coupons are also some of the most ignored coupons that shoppers receive. This is because they sometimes look like advertisements and not coupons and many shoppers are in the habit of throwing them away.

But actually, Catalina coupons often have a higher face value than your average coupon so they can be quite valuable and are a favorite among serious couponers.

The Different Types of Catalina Coupons

Catalina coupons vary depending on the purchase that triggers the coupon to print. The most common Catalinas are:
  • A store or manufacturer coupon promoting a specific product.

  • A money-back store coupon for a dollar amount off your next purchase of $x amount or more.

  • A money-back coupon for $x amount off of your next purchase.

  • A coupon for a local business.

  • A coupon announcing a current or future promotion.

Using Catalina Coupons at Other Stores

Catalina coupons can be store-specific or a manufacturer coupon that can be used in other stores. Make certain to read the terms that are on each Catalina coupon that you receive. Also, check your store policies about Catalinas. Many stores will accept store-specific Catalinas distributed at a competitor's store.

Catalina Triggers

Many Catalina coupons that you will receive will relate to a product that you have purchased.

For example, if you bought a specific brand of dog food, the Catalina may be set up to print a high-value coupon for a competitor's brand of dog food or for other dog products.

To capture your interest the competitor usually increases the value of the coupon since they know that you have purchased similar products before.

YourBucks Coupons

YourBucks Rewards are dollars-off Catalina coupons that shoppers earn when they purchase participating products. Like cash, YourBucks rewards can be used to purchase anything in the store -- no minimums or restrictions.

For most couponers this is the favorite type of Catalina to receive because it can be used on anything in the store, including products that you rarely get coupons for like meat and fresh produce. There is also no limit to how many you can redeem at one time.

Extreme couponers like to save and accumulate YourBucks and use them as part of their coupon strategy for reducing the price of their total shopping cart when they make a big buying trip.

Catalinas and Coupon Strategizing

Coupon strategizing is about coming up with shopping scenarios that will save you the most that you can on what you buy. Catalinas play a big role in shopping scenarios because they work just like cash.

The CouponNetwork.com is a Catalina site that has printable coupons and information on the types of Catalina coupons that are available. This can be very helpful information when you are planning your shopping trip.

For example, say you know that there is a Catalina coupon available for $5 off your next store purchase if you buy five cans of 12 oz. White Albacore Bumblebee Tuna. The tuna is regularly priced at $5 a can.

You also have five manufacturer coupons that are about to expire for $1 off one can of the same item. You didn't use the coupons before because the tuna never went on sale, but maybe now should!

Let's do the math:

  • $5 X 5 cans = $25

  • This will trigger the $5 Catalina coupon to print.

  • The manufacturer coupons will reduce the price of the tuna to $4 per can or $20 for the five cans.

  • Subtract the $5 Catalina that you will get and that will reduce the price of the tuna to $15 or $3 per can. That is a 40% savings and a lot of tuna sandwiches.

  • Had you just used the coupon on one can of tuna you would have only reduced the price by 20%.
Of course this kind of strategy only works if you use the Catalina before it expires, but you can see how helpful it is to know before you shop which products are triggering Catalinas.

Bringing Down the Balance Due

As you see in the above example, couponers will plan so that they can earn YouBucks rewards as cheaply as possible. Many times they will save all of the YouBucks rewards that they have received and use them at one time to pay for the remaining balance that they owe after all of their coupons have been deducted. By doing this they can buy packages of meat, produce and other food that they do not have coupons for and use the YouBucks instead of cash to pay for it all.


Think of the YouBucks like you would cash. The more you can collect by buying products that you will use and applying coupons to lower the price of what you pay, the more YouBucks you will have to spend on products that you normally have to buy at the full price.

To view the list of known Catalinas in your area visit the YourBucks Offer page at the CouponNetwork.com website.

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