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Coupon Statistics 2011

Coupon Usage is Up and Couponers are Looking for More Ways to Save


According to a survey by RedPlum of more than 23,000 shoppers an overwhelming 96 percent of the respondents said they would still use coupons even if they won a big lottery. This number represents how value-minded people have come since the onset of the recession.

The survey also showed that most shoppers are:

  • Finding more ways to save.
  • Using their coupon savings to basic necessities like food and gas.
  • There were notable increases in those who are downloading coupons to their mobile phones and spending more time seeking deals online.
"Today's savers are relying on behaviors learned during recessionary times that have become a part of their everyday life," said Lisa Reynolds, RedPlum's Mom Saver-in-chief.

It's Now Cool to Use Coupons

The study also found that according to parents teens (13- to 17-year-olds) use coupons or coupon codes. The teens, however, are using coupons and coupon codes for items most important to them such as clothing (25 percent), entertainment (19 percent) and beauty and grooming care (18 percent).

It's Not Print vs. Digital

When it comes to saving, today's shoppers do not seem to care if they get their savings from printable or digital coupons - they like both. Out of the group 60 percent said they spend two hours a week looking for printable coupons and 31 percent spend three or more hours looking online for deals. This is a 265 percent increase since 2010.

Mobile coupons seems to be more popular among the 50 and younger age groups although the popularity of downloading mobile coupons is on the rise.

Despite the growth in mobile coupon usage, printable options are still the most popular for people looking to stretch their money.

  • 76 percent indicated that newspapers are their primary source for coupons and deals.
  • 59 percent from emails and coupon alerts, an astounding 29 percent increase from 2010.
  • 33 percent from internet searches.

Paying Down Debt With Coupon Savings

For the second consecutive year, a majority of shoppers (77 percent) have said they are using their savings from coupon clipping for basic necessities, which is a 20 percent increase from 2010. Additionally, 35 percent said they will use their savings to pay down debt.

Today more people are putting their coupon savings toward paying down debt, long-term savings and an emergency fund, according the survey.

Only 7 percent said they will use the money saved from couponing to splurge. Similar categories such as vacations, dining out and entertainment experienced decreases compared to last year's findings as areas of desired spend.

Seventy-seven percent said they save $11 or more each week, compared to 67 percent in 2010. Additionally, there has been a 74 percent increase in the number who save more than $50 each week – 23 percent.

Food and Gas Price Hikes Motivate Shoppers to Look for Savings

Rising food and gas prices have affected spending behaviors and led shoppers to look for more ways to save by using more coupons, planning their shopping and combining their shopping trips.

Not surprising, the grocery category continues to be number one for savings with 92 percent indicating they are using coupons for those every day needs. Additionally, 45 percent are using coupons for dining out; 38 percent for clothing; and 35 percent for cosmetics and beauty products.

More people are indeed saving more this year, as the survey results indicate. In the first half of 2011, Americans saved $2 billion, according to the U.S. Mid-year 2011 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Coupon Facts Report, released in July by NCH Marketing Services, Inc., a Valassis subsidiary.

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