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Rebates - How to Avoid the Rebate Rip-Off - Coupons/Bargains
Companies offer $6 billion a year in cash rebates to attract buyers, but an estimate 60 percent of those rebates are never redeemed, due partly to the difficulty in ...
Rebates - Taking Tough Control of Rebates - Coupons/Bargains
Industry figures show that 40 percent to 60 percent of rebates go unredeemed. While some of the rebates are not redeemed because consumers do not bother to ...
Rebates - How To Send A Rebate - Coupons/Bargains - About.com
Steps to take to avoid having your rebate rejected and not send your rebate check.
Real Estate Rebates - Real Estate Business Guide - About.com
Real estate rebates are generally employed when working with buyers. The real estate agent or broker will credit/rebate a portion of the commission to the ...
How to Complete Mail In Rebates - Freebies - About.com
An easy to follow guide that will make sure you get mail in rebates back each and every time.
2008 Tax Rebate Plan - Details about the Stimulus Rebates - Taxes
The first piece of tax legislation in 2008, the Economic Stimulus Act provides that the taxpayers will receive a one-time rebate in mid-2008. The rebates, or ...
Using Rebates on Latops, Desktop and Computer Peripherals to ...
Article from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews guide that looks into the use of rebates when purchasing a laptop, desktop or computer peripherals as a ...
The 2008 IRS Tax Rebate Checks Details
Starting in May 2008, some 130 million U.S. families and individuals will be getting tax rebate checks from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Few actions of the ...
Drug Coupons and Rebates - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Information on how to save money on the prescription and over-the-counter drugs you take by using coupons and rebates.
Rebates That You Should Avoid - Coupons/Bargains - About.com
The following list helps shoppers sort out which companies should be avoided because of poor rebate redemption practices.
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