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Reviews of Scanners, Inkjet and Laser Printers
Understanding the features of a printer is secondary when it comes learning the cost per page. We review printers AND analyze their cost per page.
Printer / Scanner Reviews - Printers/Scanners - About.com
With so many printers and scanners to choose from, it's hard to know which are good (and which aren't). I'll give you the pros and cons of the ones I've ...
History of Computer Printers - Inventors - About.com
In 1953 the first high-speed printer is developed by Remington-Rand for use on the Univac computer - All of us who use laser printers today can thank the ...
How to Print on Fabric with Inkjet and Laser Printers - Quilting
Printing on fabric has become a much easier task than it was a few decades ago, when we ironed fabric to freezer paper to stabilize it before running the sheet ...
Tabloid (11”x17”) Printers - Printers/Scanners - About.com
Tabloid, ledger, 11x17-inch printers and wide format AIOs increase productivity by increasing document options; oversize spreadsheets, images, posters.
Top Multifunction InkJet Printers - Small Business Canada - About.com
These top multifunction inkjet printers are ideal for home offices and small businesses.
iPhone-Compatible AirPrint Printers (updated July 2014)
Jul 2, 2014 ... A list of printers that are compatible with Apple's AirPrint software for wireless printing from the iOS (last updated July 2014).
Reviews of the Best Multifunction Printers - Printers/Scanners
Small home offices and other frequent printers may well find that an all-in-one (or multifunction) printer is a best buy. These multifaceted machines have the ...
Choosing the Right Printer - Before You Buy - Printers/Scanners
Buying a new printer can be hard work; the first thing to do is choose which printer is the right one for you. But that's not so easy to do, since there are so many ...
Top Wide Format (Tabloid) Printers - Printers/Scanners - About.com
One of the more recent trends among printer makers is to offer wide-format ( 11x17- and 13x19 inches) printers—both single-function and multifunction all-in- one ...
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