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Roses - Buyers Guid
Symbolic Messages Are Hidden In Their Color.

"That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet." -
William Shakespeare

Roses are a wonderful way to say so many different things.
Red Roses always say "I love you" but also represent respect and courage. Certainly one of most powerful of all flowers, the red rose set among babies breath and fern always delights those who receive them.

White roses can convey several meanings including, "You're heavenly," reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and secrecy and silence. Mixed with lilies, orchids, tulips, monte casino and tea roses, and placed in a clear glass vase offers gentle elegance and grace to any room.

Red and white roses together, or white roses with red edges, signify unity and are appropriate for both professional and personal giving. Because of the richness displayed with their natural color, it is best to surround these gems with simple greenery.

Pink roses are often symbolic of grace and gentility. Different shades of pink are representative of different meanings. A soft gentle pink conveys the message of admiration where as the deeper pink exemplify gratitude. Often referred to as "blushing beauties" pink roses seem to whisper their message to those who receive them.

Yellow roses usually stand for joy and happiness and seem to smile at those who get them. They work nicely among other flowers such carnation, waxflower, delphinium, poms, and solidaster but because of their perky behavior they are never lost in the crowd.

Red and yellow roses mixed together send a message of great joy and happiness.

Peach or orange roses symbolize desire and zest. The deeper the shade the more enthusiastic the message becomes.

Burgundy roses are sensual and mean "unconscious beauty." This is a very personal rose and representative of deep emotional feelings.

A single rose says the most powerful message of love. When fully opened, it tells it's receiver that you love them. Two roses tied together to form one stem is symbolic of a coming union, engagement or marriage. Hybrid tea roses tell those who receive them that you will never forget them. And last but not least, the rose leaf is forever optimistic sending it's message of hope. Before You Buy - Flowers

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