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New Winn-Dixie Beef Program Announced
WD Brand Prestige Beef Includes New Look, Informative Label and Toll Free Hotline
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Press Release - February 5, 2003

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - (February 5, 2003) - Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is launching a comprehensive new campaign for the grocer's signature food item, WD Brand Prestige Beef, that includes clear, concise labeling information, helpful advice and ideas and a toll free hotline number for any customer inquiries. The focus of the new WD Brand Prestige Beef campaign is to provide helpful, healthy and safe information for consumers to better select and prepare the best cuts of meat for their particular needs. The new WD Brand Prestige Beef is now available in all Winn-Dixie stores.

"At Winn-Dixie, we've had a long heritage of being The Beef People," said Al Rowland, Winn-Dixie President and CEO. "For more than 75 years we've built our reputation on delivering the best beef consumers can buy. Today's rollout of WD Brand Prestige Beef underscores our commitment to our customers' confidence in The Beef People."

Look and Learn Labels
To make the selection and preparation of every cut of beef simpler, Winn-Dixie is instituting a new labeling system on all WD Brand Prestige Beef. Since selecting a cut of meat can be confusing, Winn-Dixie allows shoppers to instantly see and select the best cut of beef. Each label will be color coded according to the type of beef and its particular cooking method. Labels also include cooking and safe handling instructions. For additional questions about beef or its preparation, customers may call the new toll free "What's Cookin' Hotline" at 1-866-WINN-DIXIE (946-6349).

The Heart of the Matter
In addition to the launch of WD Brand Prestige Beef, February also marks the observance of American Heart Month. Consumers often ask, "Can beef and a healthy diet co-exist?" According to nutritionists, the answer is "Yes," since lean red meat can easily be incorporated into a heart-healthy diet.

In fact, WD Brand Prestige Beef offers many cuts of meat that, when trimmed of all visible fat, contain less than eight percent of total calories and still include essential nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins. Health and diet conscious shoppers can look for the words "loin" or "round" in the name on the WD Brand Prestige Beef label for the leanest cuts.

Not All Beef Is Created Equal
There are four distinct differences in WD Brand Prestige Beef that ensure it is a top quality product:

  • All WD Brand Prestige Beef is U.S.D.A. Choice, the highest level of quality sold in most supermarkets. A good number of supermarkets are selling the lower Select grade.
  • Only grain-fed cattle are used which reduces the amount of chemicals the cattle can ingest.
  • All WD Brand Prestige Beef is naturally aged which brings out the true flavors and natural tenderness of beef.
  • Master meat cutters at Winn-Dixie hand-carve the beef, leaving a 1/8" trim and a ribbon of marbling which helps naturally baste the beef as it cooks and tends to make it more tender, juicy and flavorful.

Consumers' individual tastes and preferences in beef vary widely and there are as many different cuts of beef, cooking methods and recipes available to suit nearly any taste.

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WIN) is one of the largest food retailers in the nation and ranks 160 on the FORTUNE 500 ® list. Founded in 1925, the company is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and employs more than 113,000 associates at more than 1,070 stores in 12 states and the Bahamas. Al Rowland serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. For more information, please visit www.winn-dixie.com.

Part 2 - Beef Safe Handling Information & Cooking Tips

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