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Printable Grocery List

One of the best ways to save on your family groceries is to organize your shopping trip.

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Dairy Chips/Snacks   Condiments
  Butter   Chips   Chocolate Syrup
  Cheese   Popcorn   Jelly /Jam
  Cream cheese   Pretzels   Ketchup Honey
  Eggs   Nuts   Marinade
  Margarine other:     Mayonnaise
  Milk Boxed Foods   Mustard
  Parmesan Cheese   Cereal   Oil
  Pudding   Breakfast Bar   Olives
  Sour Cream   Oatmeal   Pancake Syrup
  Whipped Cream   Grits   Peanut Butter
  Yogurt   Cookies   Pickles
other:   Crackers   Relish
Bread   Shakable   Salad Dressing
  Bagels   Helpers   Salsa
  Bread   Instant
  English Muffins   Instant Rice    Soy Sauce
  Hamburger Buns   Macaroni& Cheese   Vinegar
  HotDog Buns   Pancake Mix   other:
  Rolls  other: Spices
other: Dry Goods   Basil
Fruit   Beans/Lentils   Dried Herbs
  Apples   Pasta   Dry Sauces
  Bananas   Rice   Garlic
  Blueberries   Bread Crumbs   Italian Seasoning
  Grapefruit   other:   Meat Tenderizer
  Grapes Canned   Nutmeg
  Lemons/Limes   Applesauce   Pepper
  Melon   Chili   Salt
  Oranges   Fruit  other:
  Pears   Mushrooms Frozen
  Strawberries   Peeled Tomatoes   Dinners/Meals
  Watermelon   Soups   Fish Sticks
other:    Spaghetti Sauce   Fries/Potatoes
Beverages   Tomato Paste   Ice Cream
  Bottled Water   Tomato Sauce   Juices
  Cocoa   Tuna   Pizza
  Coffee / Tea   Vegetables   Pot Pies
  Fruit Juices   Soup   Pot Pies
  Soft Drinks       Vegetables
other:   other:   other: 
Vegetables Meats Paper Products
  Artichokes   Bacon   Aluminum Foil
  Asparagus   Beef   Facial Tissue
  Bell Peppers   Chicken   Garbage Bags
  Broccoli   Deli Meats   Lunch Bags
  Brussels Sprouts   Fish   Napkins
  Cabbage   Ground Beef   Paper Plates
  Carrots   Ham   Paper Towels
  Cauliflower   Hot Dogs   Plastic Wrap
  Celery   Lamb Chops   Sandwich Bags
  Chives   Liver   Toilet Paper
  Corn   Pork other: 
  Cucumbers   Sausage Personal Care
  Garlic   Steak   Bandages
  Green Beans   Turkey   Conditioner
  Green Onions  other:    Cotton Swabs
  Lettuce  Seafood   Deodorant
  Mushrooms   Shrimp   Deodorant
  Onions   Salmon   Make-up
  Parsley   Cod   Razors
  Potatoes   Tuna   Shampoo
  Radish other:     Shaving Cream
  Shallots Laundry   Soap
  Snow peas   Bleach   Toothpaste
  Spinach   Detergent other: 
  Squash   Fabric Softener Miscellaneous
  Zucchini   Spray Starch    
other:    Stain Remover    
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Tip: The printable list can be customized with your most used products by copying it onto a blank "Word" document and typing over the products that you do not use.

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