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Save Money On Your Wedding


The top ten ways to save the most money on your wedding.
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Here's How:

  1. Plan your wedding ceremony for an "off" time such as the morning of a weekday or consider having it during the middle of winter instead of spring.

  2. Keep your wedding intimate by having a small guest list of your closet relatives and friends.

  3. Plan on making many of your accessories such as your ring pillow, wedding veil, and decorations. Craft and fabric stores offer large selections of patterns, ideas and fabrics as well as many short how-to courses.

  4. Shop for your wedding gown in places other than bridal boutiques. Allow yourself enough time to competitive shop in order to find the best deal that meets your criteria.

  5. Invest in wedding planners for ideas. Then, weigh out the necessity of hiring a consultant. If you are disorganized or short on time a good consultant can actually save you money in the long run.

  6. Make your own invitations utilizing the software programs and wedding invitation paper available. If you prefer to order them, consider getting the invitations thermographed instead of engraved.

  7. Consider having a home reception if possible. Opt for a brunch instead of a dinner reception. Keep the menu simple yet elegant by finding menu ideas in planning books, magazines and online.

  8. Keep your flower arrangements and decor simple. Recruit friends who have an artistic flair to help with the flowers and decorations. Take floral arrangement courses or invest in a good "how-to" video.

  9. Borrow or rent a good sound system, organize your cd selections, and see if you can locate a music student from your local school to be the disc jockey.

  10. Check your local college for photography students looking for work. Contact the professors to see if they have a "work for hire" program and for a list of the best students to consider.

  11. Take a part-time job at a department store months before the wedding and receive discounts on a variety of wedding-related items and clothing.


  1. Limit the number of bridesmaids.

  2. Put disposable cameras around at the reception for guests to use. It cost less than a photographer and you can expect to get some great candid pictures.

  3. Consider decorating with balloons instead of using just flowers.

  4. Buy white Christmas tree lights after Christmas for decor. You can cut the cost by 80% over those offered in wedding catalogs.

  5. The bride and groom should agree on what is important and budget accordingly, allowing for extra unexpected expenses to arise.

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