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Popular Costumes for Halloween

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Movie popularity, music celebrities, favorite cartoons and TV heroes and heroines is always a top indicator as to what the most popular buying trend will be for costumes for Halloween. Combine all of that with past spending history, reading of current trade magazines and just good old fashion mouse-clicking, and you can come up with a pretty good idea of what people will be searching for this Halloween.

For babies, the bunting costumes offer the perfect silhouette for looks such as, The Chili Pepper and Pea in the Pod and a really fun one, Baby Bat with Bonnet. For young toddlers, The Hulk Baby and Cat in the Hat Bib and Hat Set are both equally adorable and we will, no doubt, see them tapping at our doors.

One of the most beautiful child costumes is the Valerie Tabor Smith Deluxe Angel costume. This beautiful mixture of color and fantasy fabrication lends itself to picture portrait keepsakes. As child costumes go, this would have to be among the top as most creative and fantastic.

Halloween just would not be the same without many of our kids turning into their favorite super heros. The Hulk, Spiderman, more Power Rangers and of course Yu-Gi-Oh! are prevalent among the shelves.

For young girls, Hawk Girl and Wonder Woman are showing their strength but not without tough competition from Disney themed costumes such as Belle, the Disney Princess from Sleeping Beauty Child. Barbie is coming on really strong with more themed related costumes like Cheerleader Barbie and Bride Barbie.

For Adult men, the Matrix Neo costume will be a big hit and of course, Elvis will make his way to the top once again. Adult women may take a more genteel approach this year, dressing in Renaissance inspired looks or daunting angelic attire, wings and all.

Horror and ugly still thrives and each year they manage to make this stuff look just a little bit more realistic! Vampires, ghouls, ghosts and skeletons will be haunting our doorways once again.

Halloween themed departments and stores are abundant this year. Costumes range from your average, run-of-the-mill products to very elaborate, almost studio quality, for those who are serious Halloween aficionados.

All in all, Halloween looks like it will prove to be full of fantasy and fun as in past years.

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