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Cut Your Entertainment Costs


Having fun should not be rated by how much money you spend. Here are cost-cutting ideas that can help stretch your "fun" dollars.
Time Required: 5 min

Here's How:

  1. Go to your local library and cruise their video and music sections. Many libraries now offer some of the best classic films ever produced.

  2. Check your community centers, local colleges and the newspaper for free lectures, concerts and art exhibits.

  3. Pack a picnic basket and take in a local amateur sporting event.

  4. If you are a senior citizen, always ask about special discount rates. Many movie theaters, restaurants, bowling alleys and local events offer special prices.

  5. Consider joining a local theater group. There are many “behind the scenes” projects for those who cannot act yet they still get to go to all the opening parties.

  6. Invest in an entertainment coupon book and save up to 50 percent off on dining out. Also, check your Sunday paper for lunch coupons.

  7. Visit area tourist sites, stroll the local zoo, or just take a nice leisurely walk in the park with your best friend.

  8. Utilize the many free online courses offered and teach yourself something new.

  9. Play penny-anti poker and set-up a buffet of hotdogs, pizza and beer.

  10. Eat dinner at home and then go out for coffee and dessert.

  11. Check out do-it-yourself books and articles online for home projects and repairs.

  12. Shop the discount sections of bookstores or visit used bookstores and trade in your books for credit towards a new one.

  13. Treat yourself to a refreshing beverage and sit and enjoy the sunset.


  1. Consider swapping music and videos with friends.

  2. Meet friends for happy hour at lounges that offer free food.

  3. Take advantage of the early bird specials offered at your local restaurants.

  4. Go to an afternoon movie or look for $1 movie specials.

  5. Tour your local libray for free children and adult events.

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