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Outlet Malls Offer Coupons Galore

Stretch Your Shopping Budget


Outlet malls are packed with end-of-season savings and rock-bottom prices. But do not go empty handed. In almost all of the national outlet centers savvy shoppers can boost their savings by obtaining coupon books offered to tours and groups visiting the centers. Many of the national outlets also offer incentive VIP cards with dollars back for dollars spent.

How can you take advantage of these super savings? Take charge and plan ahead. Most of the centers require eight or more people per group to qualify for the special promtions. The qualifications are listed on the outlet center's websites. Most of the websites also offer a registration form so that your coupon books and visitor packets will be there when you arrive.

What if you can't find eight or more people to go? Call the outlet office and ask what other options are offered for getting their discount booklets. Many of the centers have forms posted on their websites that you print and take to the customer service area to redeem for the saving bookets.

Other outlet malls may offer the discount booklets to any out of state visitor. Most promote a "senior" day which is usually a Tuesday, so be sure to ask for details. Also, many visitors' centers will have brochures containing vouchers for the coupon books. And don't forget, if you are staying at a local hotel you can find a redemption slip in the local visitor's publications.

Are You Special?

One little secret about the coupon booklets is that most of the management in the stores at the outlet centers are allotted so many coupon redemption passes per season to give to "special" customers. If you are making a large purchase or plan to do an extensive amount of outlet shopping, ask a store manager if they have such a voucher available.
So get together with your favorite shopping buddies, organize a day trip to your favorite outlet center and enjoy the incredible end-of-the-season savings that are out there. It is never too early to start next year's holiday gift shopping. Be smart and save up to 80 percent off your holiday budget by hunting for next year's gifts now.

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