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The Best School Uniforms "Quality at a Bargain" Results

The Search is Over and Here are the Top Choices


Wow, can you believe the summer is coming to an end and the kids will be heading back to school soon? Well, its true, and now that July has totally vanished in one swift, poof, it is that time of year again to start finding the best deals for back-to-school clothing and cool stuff for your kids.

I've been scouting around and it makes me wish I was a school kid again (okay, I know that is a big wish), but the stuff available to kids now is "totally awesome" and nothing like the boring yellow #2 pencils that we got!

So what is cool and selling at a good price for back-to-school, you might be asking? Here is some of what we found for our top "cool" lists. Of course we do not look for just cool stuff; we look for, cool, good quality items at super prices.


If you ask around, most kids will tell you there is nothing very cool about uniforms. I can't say that I blame them, but it certainly makes life easier for everyone. For this category, we looked mainly for clothing constructed with good quality fabrics and selling at good prices and we narrowed in on the following online stores: Target, Sears, Old Navy, The Gap, Kohls, Wal-mart, and French Toast.


  • For the best knit polo's, we picked Sears. The favorite is the French Toast Long Sleeve Interlock Knit Polo, in sizes 4 - 20 plus teen and husky sizes. This is a three-button blended cotton/poly, washable polo with flat knit ribbed cuffs.

  • If your kids are into name brand merchandise, Gap is selling a nice, 100% cotton with Nano-care fabric protected, long-sleeved polo (sizes S - XLL). The fabric protector is incredible and the process has come a long way. Liquids literally bead up and roll off instead of sinking into the fabric and leaving stains.

  • Old Navy has an adorable girl's pleated uniform dress on sale for $15.00. It can be layered with a polo now, and on colder days, put it with a turtleneck. Its has a drop-waist, seamed detailing, and three side pleats add a little kick to it. The fabric is a cotton/spandex blend and is machine washable.

  • For boys or girls school uniform approved sweaters, Sears is our choice. They have for the boys, a great looking French Toast Flat Knit V-Neck Cardigan with two- flat front pockets, button closures, in 100 percent washable acrylic; the perfect fabric for kids who complain about hot itchy sweaters. They

    For the girls, they have a cashmere-feeling French Toast Fine Flat Knit Cardigan Sweater. Classic and pretty at a great price.

  • Wal-mart wins first place for the Girl's and Boy's Official School Uniform Jacket. This lightweight, waterproofed jacket is perfect for the chilly rainy mornings. This washable nylon/cotton jacket is great for rain or shine at an even greater price of under $20.

Note: Prices and promotions may change without notice. Please visit the individual store's websites for the most current selling prices.

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