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Top 10 Shampoo Products


Shampoo is shampoo is shampoo. Regardless of the brand you choose, one thing is certain, your hair will be cleaner after using it. According to a Consumer Reports study of 1700 ponytails, there are some brands that produced slightly more effective results in select categories. The good news is none of the top picks are expensive salon brands.

1) Pert Plus

Top consumer pick among low-priced store brands.


  • Water-based conditioning offers gentle cleaning.
  • PH balanced allows for daily usage.
  • Low cost store brand.


    May cause build-up on hair over time.
  • 2) Finesse Plus

    Voted "tops" for combing manageability. This product is most enjoyed because of the way it leaves hair feeling silky and free of tangles. It is a good product for hair that tends to dry out. Many find the fragrance appealing and continue to purchase it because of the clean fresh aroma.


  • All in one shampoo/conditioner.
  • Low cost store brand.


  • May cause build-up on hair over time.
  • 3) Head and Shoulders Dandruff

    Top-rated formula for flaking and itching caused by dandruff. This is one of the most popular dandruff shampoos purchased in stores.


  • Contains zinc pyridinethione, an ingredient that works to rid dandruff.
  • Has the least amount of irritating side effects.
  • PH balanced for everyday use.
  • Con

  • Isn't always effective on dandruff.
  • 4) Neutrogena Shampoo - Anti-Residue Formula

    Removes up to 70% of the residue caused by hair products.


  • Removes up to 70% of residue left from hair products.
  • Use only once a week.
  • Works on all hair types.
  • Cons

  • Can cause hair to tangle. The Bottom Line - Leaves hair feeling cleaner and improves dullness. The mild solution is not irritating and can be used by all hair types. Use with the Neutrogena Detangling Conditioner for best results.
  • 5) Pantene Pro-V Ultra V Shampoo Plus Conditioner

    Voted among the more popular two-in-one shampoo and conditioner products.


  • Consumer Reports gives top rate for improving fine limp hair.
  • Safe for every day use.
  • Cons

  • May leave residue build-up in hair.
  • 6) Suave Professionals Biobasics

    Recommended for treatment of dry brittle hair.


  • Voted "slightly effective" for treating damaged hair.
  • Affordable store brand product w/ salon quality.
  • [li[The "Suave Promise" guarantees full satisfaction.


  • May cause residue buildup after pro-longed usage
  • 7) Herbal Essences Shampoo for Normal Hair

    This product leaves hair clean and managable when used with a conditioner.


  • Appealing packaging and content label.
  • Leaves hair smelling fresh.
  • Cons
  • More expensive than comparable products.


  • 8) Alberto VO5 Extra Body

    One of the least expensive shampoo products available that leaves hair with comparable clean and manageable results of more expensive brands. A good product for the money.


  • Slightly improved manageability for damaged hair.
  • Competitive low price for equitable results.
  • Pleasant aroma.


  • May leave residue build-up in hair.
  • 9) Thermasilk Heat Activated Regular

    Consumer Reports voted this product as being effective in helping detangle and combing of hair.


  • Improves hair manageability.
  • Gentle enough for daily use.
  • Smooths the hair shaft.
  • Cons

  • May cause build-up after prolonged use.
  • 10) L'Oreal ColorVIVE Gentle Shampoo

    Consumer Reports voted this product as moderately effective against fading color-treated hair.


  • Cleanses without stripping hair.
  • Leaves hair looking and feeling healthy.
  • Enhances color-treated hair.
  • Cons

  • The UV filter is ineffective on hair.
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