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Unit Pricing - The Real Price

Take the Time to Compare


In order to maximize your purchasing power at the grocery store it is important to be aware of "unit pricing." This is the only way to determine the true value of what you are buying.

Most stores will proudly display their packaged prices in bright eye-catching print yet you rarely see too much concerning unit prices. The fact that this is where the true value lies might be the reason little attention is focused on advertising it.

You Can't Tell A Book By its Cover

This same philosophy holds true for food products. Just because the box or bag is bigger than its counterpart does not mean you are getting more product. You may be spending your hard-earned money on air. So how does one know? Time to get out your reading glasses and locate the unit price.



Notice that the unit price for both cans of soup is the same, therefore the shopper is not saving by buying the larger size.

Comparing the unit price of similar products will insure that you get the best deal available without having to do the math. The unit price is the cost of the item per ounce, quart, gallon, pound, or any other unit of measure.

For example, the unit price tells you how much you will spend on each ounce in a can of spaghetti sauce. Checking and comparing, like items, along with verifying the nutritional values and particular tastes of the products will insure that your money is well spent.

Be Aware of Downsizing

An ongoing trend for manufacturers in recent years is to keep the same sized packaging, same product price, but downsizing the quantity of product inside the package. This trend has been most commonly seen in products such as paper products, baby food, coffee, and cleaning products.

We are used to grabbing our most commonly used products and dashing for the checkout line. Taking a few extra moments to check out how much product is actually inside the box will help insure you are getting what you think you have purchased in the past. Keeping a small notebook of this information on your favorite products is handy for comparision purposes. Downsized packages are designed to be unnoticeable to most consumers.

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